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Wassup IG. This is my official Instagram introduction. I'm Derrico my friends and family call me Rico. But , you can call me the everlasting chocolate drop from which all good things flow...Esquire. ok...not Esquire. I'm a father of four cool ass kids and as you might have guessed, I'm married to the sexiest ,loveliest,woman in this hemisphere. Here are a few things about me you may not know. 1. I'm a working actor. I love being in front of the camera. Of course you can tell that when you time in. 2. I'm an artist. I illustrated all the images in our book. ( Check it out. Link in the bio) 3. Cooking is my love language. If you like to eat, I got a plate for you. If I love you, I cook you food. If I don't like you, I tell you why then I cook for you. 4. I love musicals: guilty pleasure. Don't judge me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #myintro #chocolatedrop #thisisme #ilovemesomeme #funfactsaboutme #gettoknowme #relationshipcoach #podcaster #datingcoach
Questions part two! The personal questions! (Drumroll please) 🥁 🥁 🥁 Loads of very basic questions actually, so I'll just introduce myself! My name is Merel, I'm 25 years old and I fly an Airbus A319/A320 through Europe. My birthday is in August, so that means I'll be 26 soon. I'm not married and not planning to get married any time soon and no, I won't marry you (this was the most asked question 😅) I'm a dog person, although I wouldn't want to have a dog in my current situation, since they need a lot of love and attention and I'm gone quite often. Multiple people asked why I'm pretty. I have to thank my parents for that, because it's genetics 🤷 I prefer wine over beer, but I like both, even though I'm definitely not a big drinker. I'm typing this at 16:53 local time from a plane in London Gatwick and I'm doing very well, thanks! No favourite TV show, but watching Casa de Papel atm and loving it! For the people asking if I'll visit your country, hopefully one day, but nothing is planned yet! Oh and never been scared in the air! . . . #gettoknowme #southbanklondon #southbank #london #igerslondon #ootdnl #femalepilot #levisjeans #blazers #wheretofindme #exploringlondon #travellondon #londonfashion #citizenfemme #wearetravelladies #explorerbabes #vacationwolf #postcardplaces #londoneye
Let's be friends! 3 things to know... . . . 1. Reading is my JAM. I'm almost never without a book in my purse or car (usually multiple). Classics, young adult, autobiography, business, health, mystery, HARRY POTTER... . . . 2. I am not gifted in design or fashion. Love fun clothes and home decor but haven't learned how to coordinate and make an outfit/room yet. Nike shorts, sneakers and my fuzzy blanket from Target=all the yes. Tips anyone?? . . . 3. Bucket List: stay in NYC from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, All the Christmas, and the Times Square ball drop. Life. Goal. (Throw in Hamilton, and I'm not throwing away my shot!) . . . What are 3 facts about you? . . . . #life_portraits #life #lively #factsaboutme #gettoknowme #whataboutyou #dreams #goalsetter #read #bookselfie #books #librarylife #storiestotell #decorating #fashion #allthethings
Hi my name is Sondra for those of you that don’t know. I’m 23 and I have been capturing moments for people with my camera since 2013. I love my baby boy, books, video games and my camera. Most days you’ll find me walking around playing Pokémon Go. I’m a stay at home mom as of March this year. Im originally from Ohio (hence where the buckeye part comes from in my business name) so I’m basically starting from scratch with my photography business here in Indiana. I’m incredibly awkward and quiet at first but after awhile I become much much much less quiet and more awkward. Photography isn’t just some hobby of mine, its my passion, my dream, it’s a way of life, it’s an outlet and most of all it makes people happy! Photo Credit:// @amandashafferphotography #photography #gettoknowme #giggles #model #indianapolis #sunset #portraitphotography #headshot
Hi guys! Just a little throwback to me as a pup! Gosh how tiny and cute am I? 😄 So hey, I’m Belle! Cheeky, quirky and super loving Border Collie living in Aus! 🇦🇺 I do love ❤️: beach walks 🌊, my ball 🎾, cuddles 💕 and of course my food 🥩🥕🥦! I’m not so keen on 🙅🏽‍♀️: bath time 🛁, long car rides 🚙 annnd yep definitely just bath time 🚿! I cant wait for you guys to get to know me and to show you all the fun I get up to! ✨ - - - #bordercollie #bordercolliepuppy #bordercolliesofinstagram #bordercolliebabes #colliesofinstagram #collie #cutecollies #colliedogs #beachdog #gettoknowme
So I pre-recorded some footage for my YouTube channel. It’ll be a segment called “These are a Few of my Favorite Things.” Where I talk about some stuff, shows and things I like. I’m going to try to do this video to connect my audience and just share some things I really love. I realize I don’t do these videos because I don’t think I talk well? LOLs! I’m okay... I haven’t edited because I start a week long course tomorrow for my teaching job. So I hope to add two videos next week! I’ll work really hard to do that! #myfavoritesvideo #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings #llamas #crystals #tarotcards #tvshows #gettoknowme #connecting #favoritesvideo #whatilike #youtube
Happy Sunday! ✨ • There are some new faces around here and I’ve never done one, so I thought I’d finally do an introduction about myself! Here are 5 (maybe?) fun facts about me! • 👋, I’m Katie! 1. I was born and raised in Southern California. I’ve been with my boyfriend 7.5 years!! And we aren’t planning marriage anytime soon. We would rather travel when we can 👍 2. I currently work as a year round Christmas Decorator, and I have some really freaking talented coworkers. But you’ll never hear me talk about my job, except that I love it. 3. I went to FIDM in LA, and originally wanted to pursue styling. I ended up going the interior design route, but styling is still my number 1 love and something I would love to pursue. 4. I lived and worked in Bangkok, Thailand for a year. Well, I only worked in Thailand for about 7 months. I hated the job, and quit. But we traveled around for a couple months after I quit. It was the best time, but the worst for my health. 5. I have a mild case of lupus. Mine effects my skin and joints. I currently have hyper-pigmentation on my nose from a doctor that refused to listen that it was getting worse. (I no longer see that doctor!) it really effected my self confidence for a couple years, but I’m finding confidence again in my clothes and this amazing community I’ve found in people who are also so passionate about ethical and sustainable style. 6. Bonus. I love wine 🍷❤️ • So there you have it! Me in a nutshell. Anything else you’d like to know? Feel free to ask! I love making new friends on here, as I’ve made some pretty awesome ones so far! • #ootd #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving #slowfashion #slowfashionmovement #ozmaofcalifornia #birkenstock #gettoknowme #personalstyle #everydaystyle #30wears #outfitrepeater
My July Challenge Day 15: I’m a ponderer (is that a word?) and a napper... — I can stare at the beach and get lost in thought about big ideas and higher powers. It’s fun to think on all the things I still don’t understand, yet have peace that I don’t have to. — Even though my mind can get busy, I also 100% support rest and that means naps are required on vacay. — I’ve pondered and napped today, so it was a good day! . . . . . #denaspeaks #gettoknowme #challenge #personalgrowth #beach #reflection #rest #reaffirm #faith #peace