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So here it is week 5 of this program and I can't stress enough how important it is to stretch especially when your program consists of mostly Lifting! Lifting builds and shortens your muscles. During rest days I like to take 10 mins to stretch out my muscles. Yes I did it in my jeans right after work! That's the beauty of working out at home haha #homeworkouts #inmyjeans #recoverystretch #only10mins #girlslift #myjourney #week5 #stillworkingwithabrokentoe #fitnessmom #nurse #student #girlmom #ORnurse #FutureNP #fire #fierce #fearless #muscles
My daughter wanted to share her struggles today, with our online friends; because maybe some other kid might need to hear it. So after some snuggles from me and her brothers, we made a quick video. I posted to my FB Page and IGTV if you are interested. I think she has gotten the “keepin it real” gene from me. I am proud of her bravery. #girlpower #girlmom
At the beginning of this year Mindy announced that she was treating her leaders with a stay at her Retreat House in Florida. I immediately decided that I would qualify and be on that trip. I did qualify. 😍 But as the details got hashed out, I quickly realized the dates overlapped with the beginning of the school year. I was pretty heartbroken... even considered going for part of the trip and coming home late Monday night. However... this kiddo... and the 20 I've been entrusted with this year... deserve my best on Tuesday. Not my jet lagged mess of a self. So I am sitting this one out. I started this side gig to be a better me for Kara. And that means sometimes putting aside my selfish desires to do what's in her best interest. I WILL be on the next trip... and the 20 after that. 😉 This one stings a little but the fire to earn a spot again is burning strong. So ladies... I will miss being there. Have fun at Disney. Drink a spicy marg (or 2... or 3...) for me. And photoshop me into some pics, will ya? 😂😂😂😘
Y'all, words can't express how happy it makes me to get messages like this! This is from a mama of TWINS AND TRIPLETS! I'm sure it's hard dividing attention between five little ones, so I'm happy she was able to do some fun hands-on learning activities with her twins! Thank you again @sherwinfullhouse for sending such a sweet message! It really made my day!💕
Middle school open house for this girl! 📚 I can’t believe my first baby is going into 7th grade!
I’m sure many of have read or at least seen this book floating around with women singing its praises! It’s one of my faves and lives up to the hype! It’s been on my heart to lead a book club and I thought Girl, Wash Your Face would be the perfect book to start with. I’ve become a bit of a personal development junkie and love seeing other women empower themselves, achieve goals and gain confidence! This book club will be held virtually in a private group- it is only open to women and will be guided by me! If you’re interested please add yourself to the group in the link below! All you’ll need is to purchase or download a copy. Audible is great too, but there’s something about having a hard copy to highlight and make notes in! We’re going to start this coming Monday, August 20! Comment below or message me if you’d like the link to join! #TheHappyPath . . . #fitmom #tiumom #tiugirl #tiuteam #fitmomsofig #healthyandhappy #happyhealthyhumble #momsofinstagram #madeformore #momlifestyle #girlmom #tiuseattle #wifey #joyfulmamas #pnwmom #strongnotskinny #fitjourney #highvibesonly #momminainteasy
Did you know that we should all aim to drink at least half our body weight in water each day? 💦 Raise your hand if you drank enough water today? 👋 #wednesdaywaterchallenge I personally try to make sure I carry around water with me all day. I also like straws becasue it's easier to take a swig throughout the workday! Stay hydrated my friends!
[fully present] At the beginning of a new season, I ask the Lord for a phrase for to be the focus. Not spending it focusing on past mistakes or what ifs of the future but being fully present in all areas. As the year starts, this teacher momma heart needed to match my babe and wear my selah (meaning to pause and praise) bracelet, from @gracefullywrapped, to remind me I’m not ever alone in being [fully present]. : : : #littleheronco #littleheroncobows #littleheron #bows #bowsforsale #newborn #baby #toddler #girl #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #bowshop #headband #hairclip #instagood #ootd #workingmom #teachersofinstagram #girlmom #choosejoy #handmade #letthembelittle #matching #backtoschool #teachersfollowteachers
I ❤️ that my mobile office literally only requires my phone... & an internet connection‼️ . . I ❤️ that this second job of mine can be done from anywhere & in small pockets of time I can find‼️ . . I ❤️ that this job brings such reward, inspiration & freedom🤸🏼‍♀️ . . What turned out to be a ‘hobby’ coaching job has turned into some I can’t imagine ever not doing‼️And an extra income that has covered one or BOTH of our car payments😲🤩 . . ▶️I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty INCREDIBLE to find something that you absolutely love, that provides freedom AND to be financially compensated for it 🤩🎉🤸🏼‍♀️
Thought everyone might need a #babyfixfortheday plus can’t leave out Ms Emily. We are doing good adjusting and I’m starting to feel a little more normal everyday. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Ok yall know I don't talk a lot about the business side of plexus but today I am . It's only $34.95 for a year membership so you can get the BEST price on the products and they actually work! You get time with your family and friends! You pick your hours ! The compensation plan is amazing, you get paid 11 different ways ! Being healthy is amazing, but if you can have EXTRA income to help with bills , student loans , car payments or just have a nice dinner out with out thinking "do I have enough for this" ! You should totally join me on this incredible journey to health and wealth ♡ DM me for more! ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ #pregnancylife #pregnant #secondtrimester #momoftwo #babynames #maternitystyle #stylethebump #babyannouncement #bumpstyle #bumpsociety #momlife #pregger #momblogger #20weekspregnant #thirdtrimester #firsttrimester #momtomom #momtobe #decemberbaby #babyannouncement #girlmom #preggo #pregnancyblog
I love when people ask me when I’m due and I can say a couple of days and they all freak out like I shouldn’t be off the couch. 😹
True story: I have hypothyroidism (Yes, HYPO), I was born with a heart murmur, and in week 3 of marathon training I started dealing with plantar fasciitis. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These haven't stopped me from reaching my goals. As for the thyroid issue, remember that even with proper treatment adequate nutrition is about 80% of the problem with weight loss. I educated myself and ensured I could safely continue the activities I wanted to do and I modified as necessary (mostly for running, thankfully my heart is strong!). ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Where there's a will there's always a way! So, don't get in your own way!!!! And most importantly, reach out if you need help!