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Please stop and take a few minutes to read this .. ❤️✨ Just some motivational transformational pictures for y’all. I never thought it was possible but then again I really wanted to change who I was and how I was living and never again will I return to who I used to be. The gym has been my home. The place I go to for help to calm me down to keep me sane. You should try it. Remember when you thought, this is it? your world is crumbling, you were suffocating in your own thoughts. You felt like there’s no hope, and that hope was actually a stupid thing to do bc if the disappointing world we live in? you thought that maybe this isn’t for you, you can’t handle all of this alone, and you couldn’t tell anyone because no one understands. so you kept struggling alone, but , you managed you finally saw the strength within yourself! And you got up on your feet, wiped off your “ shoulders “ and you didn’t let these things get you down! Because weakness isn’t for you! Life is never fair, but it has beautiful little things that if we look closely, we’ll see them, enjoy them, because it’s the LITTLE things that MATTER!! NEVER GIVE UP ‼️📶 The pictures in the left sides were from my highest weight .. 260 pounds 😔 .. I am currently at 175. It’s great to see change from being so hurt and from staying consistent and patient to earn the results you’ve always wanted. Please hold on and stick with it. Bc you are amazing and it is sure possible. Back day gains in the other pictures and the dress ones are from junior then senior proms. Anything is possible if you just believe. It’s all in YOUR mind. #girlswithmuscle #strengthglowsfrompain #strongpeople #selfcare #loveyourself #selflove #fitness #gymlife #fitnessaddict #abs #gains #aesthetics #physique #fitnessmotivation #dedication #selfrespect #girlswholift #obesetobeast #getfit #shredz #noexcuses #keto #weightlossjourney #happygirl #gymshark #fitnessjourney #goodvibetribe
Had a good shoulder workout today but it was way too busy at the gym to record the whole thing; reason I hate going around dinner time. Soooo I had Chris record some variations of pushups all requiring a lot of stability and core strength 🙃 Plus these were all done at the very end of the workout 🙃🙃🙃 . . . . Ps I need someone else to record these bc I’m barely in the frame and Chris moved around so much 😂 sorry. Sped up the clip so it could all fit. . . . #fitness #fitspo #motivation #girlswholift #heath #gains #liftheavy #bodybuilding #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #workout #weightlifting #booty #pushups #abs #growth #heathyliving #toned #muscle #fit #transformation #selflove #confidence #cutting #workoutvideo #gymshark #gymsharkwomen
Back & Biceps 💪🏼!!!! . . Love love this day. Weight depends on how my back is doing but I was able to power through, despite a little soreness. Lots of these exercises came from the awesome @sara.brust. Thanks girl 😘 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Back Cable Straight Arm Pulldown ✅ Lat pulldown ✅ Rear fly ✅ Single Arm Bent Over Row ✅ Wide Grip Kneeling High Row ✅ Biceps Pull ups ✅ Bar curl ups ✅ Alternating Cross Body Hammer Curls ✅ Narrow to wide curls ✅ Single Arm curls with holds ✅ . . . . . . #strongnotskinny #gym #fitness #fit
September 8th ➡️October 6th • • Came in a lottt leaner for my October 6th show. We didn’t do anything crazy with my food or add hours of cardio - we stayed CONSISTENT and kept slowly moving the needle in the right direction. • • I get asked constantly how you diet or work out without giving up or quitting. I always hear “I know I need to get back to the gym” or “I just never feel like going to work out.” I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again - no one can push you through the door (the literal door of the gym or the metaphorical door of opportunity.) You have to actively chose to walk through it. But I really can’t imagine why you wouldn’t choose to better your body, your life, and your health. Hold yourself accountable to achieve the goals you set, or find someone (coach, friend, etc) who will. • • • Going to be offering something cool soon for those of you looking to stay accountable with your fitness... more details coming soon 👀
The old me would have used the hard week I had to give up or quit or put off workouts. ⁣ The old me would have used getting sick yesterday to skipping this weeks workouts when I could still manage to do them. ⁣ The old me would have stayed in the rut I was in because I didn’t have “motivation”. ⁣ Isn’t it crazy how you can say yes to a lifestyle and change your life for the better?? ⁣ ⁣ I don’t know where I’d be without these workouts & support system, so happy I said yes 💪🏻💕⁣ Plus seeing muscles grow & define isn’t bad at all 🤣
Time for quite a SHOCKING 🙊 #throwbackthursday . I honestly get a little emotional looking at this comparison, because I don’t even recognize that girl on the left 😭 (Like actually, does that even look like me?!) . These are “SWEATY SELFIES” 🤳🏻 that we post in our Virtual Bootcamps, taken less than 9 months apart! . I’m actually SO grateful for this post-workout practice because my phone is FULL of snapshots that document my progress, and my hard work 💦 . REAL TALK 🙋🏼‍♀️ those first photos were NOT easy to take, and many bootcampers also express their intial apprehension about this vulnerable idea - BUT I can 100% say that it makes me so PROUD to look back on these photos and the determined women who fought for her health 💪🏻 and I would be KICKING MYSELF if I had no evidence of where I started. . Taking those “before” photos means saying, “I will NEVER be in that place again!” 🙅🏼‍♀️ Are you ready to make that proclamation? . #beforeandafter #weightlosstransformation #weightlossstory #9monthsapart #50poundslost #howichamgedmylife #reclaimingmyhealth #thiswasmyyear #healthyformyfamily #weightlossdiaries #healthymama #healthyformyfamily #drasticweightloss #strongisthenewskinny #girlswholift #strongmama #transformationstory #fitnessaftered #edrecovery
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