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I spend more time than I care to admit in my car. My job requires a ton of windshield time which gives me the opportunity to sing my heart out- listen to #audible and all sorts of #podcasts When I get in the car- I want to be comfortable- but look polished and professional. This outfit has it all pulled together for me! Blazer: target #anewdaytargetbrand Shirt: #zyiaactive Black Chill long sleeve t (size large) Pants: #zyiaactive plum unwind jogger ***both ZYIA items are in stock and ready to go under your 🎄 *** today is the absolute last day to order for on time arrival via Santa’s sleigh! #zyiawildflower #athleisure #joggers #gymtostreet #fitmas #newgear #newyear #newyou #happyholidays #bossbabe #goaldigger #comfyclothes #girlwashyourface #girlstopapologizing #balg #fellowflowers #ootd #ootdfashion
Today marks 4 months since I decided that I needed to start working on me and choosing to be happy. As of today I’ve lost 29lbs and 26inches. I didn’t buy any program or pills. Honestly completely through changing the foods I eat doing keto but not strict. I got off my anxiety meds, I have more energy, I don’t need coffee every morning (I just like the taste) 😀and until Dec 1 i lost 24lbs strictly through diet no exercise. I started light weights no cardio Dec 1 because I love working out but I wanted to see how much food really impacts my body. I have many things going on in my life but I’m committed to being the healthiest version of me inside and out. As women I think we are our worst critics and our own worst enemy. Losing this baby weight is just one factor in choosing to be happy. I’m not posting this to brag rather than to try and motivate anyone that may be where I was the last 5 years. Feeling completely lost, depressed, anxious, not good enough, not skinny enough, not a good mom, not a good wife, not seeing my purpose and if I’m being completely real not wanting to live at moments and the only reason I chose life was because I could never leave my babies without a mom. I still have so much to work on within myself and my life but if I can wake up and choose to be happy and make a change so can you. If I can help you know I’m here and you are not alone. ❤️You are beautiful and you are important ❤️ Happy Tuesday y’all. #loveyourself #strongmom #strongwife #choosehappy #girlwashyourface #iamworthy #healthykom #tuesdaymotivation #momlife #wifelife #beforeandafterweightloss #postbabybody #goals
If you haven’t heard of Rachel Holis check her out! Her book, Girl, Wash Your Face and podcasts Rise is amazing and very motivational #girlwashyourface #rise #motivation
This weekend (my birthday weekend #32 ) I finished my first round of 21 Day Fix. While to some that might not be a big deal, but to me it was huge. I’ve started this program time and time before and never finished. I had always had an excuse, some were valid (knee injury & Flu) but most of the excuses were just that, an excuse. I’m not claiming to be a fitness guru now or that I even really like working out, but if you saw my insta stories the other day you know that I have no intentions of missing my work outs now. Which means if you are tired of seeing people’s fitness post, you might want to skedaddle from my page.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ This is my page and some days I might feel like sharing about it all. #sorrynotsorry 💪🏼 Like today. 🤣 Yesterday was the first Monday in a while that I didn’t have a set workout scheduled for the day and to be honest about half way through the day I some how convinced myself that I didn’t need to workout, that skipping one day wasn’t gonna ruin anything.. But see I know myself too well, that ONE skip would have turned into “it’s the holidays, I’ll start my new program after the first of the year” which of course would then continue the on going cycle of putting everything before taking care of myself. I will take a day off here and there, but not before I am positive I can jump right back in. So here is to a new start and not just for the #Newyear. 💪🏼💜 • • • • • • #momlife #livingmybestlife #pnw #pnwmom #wifelife #huntersofhappiness #last90days #bestoftheday #girlwashyourface #madeformore #squadgoals #organization #mealprepsunday #risetogether #rise #igstyle #theeverygirl #goaldigger #fitnessmotivation #letsdothis #fitmom #letthembelittle #familylife #raisinglittles #fillyourcup #reallife
In my accountability group we do a weekly check in with our photos, to see how much has changed in the week. Because let’s face it, photos show more than the scales does. Well today I decided to compare my November 5 pictures with yesterdays pictures, and I’m blown away at the changes! I have lost 6 inches in just my belly! Being consistent with your workouts and finding a meal plan that gives you the right portions and servings pays off. These results are making me even more excited for the new year and the programs that’s coming out in January! #fitnessmotivation #goals #consistency
"I can't condone a world where women are emotionally abusing themselves because they dont think you're good enough" #girlwashyourface
And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof The prancing and pawing of each little hoof... Dasher was here, to bring us good cheer! #dashingdeals #pamelametamorphosis
Hey everyone! Hope youre having a great week before the holidays! If you saw my story the last couple days you know I'm not into christmas this year, which just stinks. I'm not big on posting personal stuff on my bookstagram because this is about the books and not my life but I've been having a hard few months. I still plan to post as regularly as humanly possible. But I just wanted to put it out there in case I'm not posting as much. I haven't gone anywhere!! ° On a fun note I really treated myself for my birthday, which is what I usually do I buy the bulk of my books with Amazon gift card money that I get on my birthday and these are all the books I got this year. I'm super excited and hoping I can read some of these in 2019. Fingers crossed right? ° Qotd: tell me a fun fact about you. Something that not everybody knows! Fun fact about me my uncle helped invent Nike and he was also an athlete trying to compete in the Olympic Games in the 70s!!
Oh my gosh, I could write an entire blog post about this (I probably will) but let’s be real guys: how often do you feel pressure to take the first opportunity that falls into your lap because you’re afraid that if you don’t, you’ll lose out and never see another one like it? • • I definitely felt this when I decided not to go to grad school. I really wanted to go because I love learning and I value education, but I stepped back and weighed out the pros and cons. I felt that it was a much wiser choice for me to withdraw my acceptance and take at least another year before embarking on that journey (and that debt!) • • Though making the wise choice can often be harder and more unknown — the easy choice can sometimes be made in such a hasty manner that you end up not really loving that decision anyway. • • Taking your time is NOT falling behind. Just because your friend has been promoted twice already, and you don’t even have a job you really want, you aren’t behind. There is no timeline for life 💓
#5perfectdays Day 2 is staring off with this delicious breakfast. Did you guys know that 1tsp of butter is only 1 PP?! Let’s hear it for using REAL butter on my English muffin this morning! . - 3oz smoked salmon (2 PP) - @thomasbreakfast light English muffin (3 PP) - Butter! (1 PP) - @smuckersbrand Sugar Free Strawberry Preserves (0 PP) - 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 (0 PP) . . . 6 Points Plus total and oh so delicious! . . . It’s not too late to join me along with @amandacypert @jessww74 @motivatedmuffins and meek ght.watchin.mama for this 5 perfect days challenge. Let’s get this week before the holiday going right! . . #weightwatchers #wwsisterhood #wwfooddiary #wwsisters #wwdivas #livelifefully #beyondthescale #wwlifetime #wwsupport #wwgirls #wwchicago #wwbeyondthescale #wwinspo #ww #fitspo #losingweight #wwfam #wwfamily #wwfreestyle #pointsplus #wwpointsplus #charcotmarietooth #wellnessthatworks #last90days #rachelhollis #girlwashyourface #girlstopapologizing #inspo
Yes please. 😄
I cannot thank everyone enough for visiting my NEW•BLOG 💓!! I was overwhelmed by the messages & supportive feedback. I love you guys so much! If you haven’t visited & would like to check it out, tap the link in my bio. Today’s featured post is •It’s Me Time• 🖤 • • • • • • #newpost #gettingready #girlboss #readingtolearn #daveramsey #stashtea #chai #flatlay #katespade #countrychic #mylifemyway #lifeisgood #happy #last90dayschallenge #blogger #rachelhollis #burlap #girlwashyourface #preppingforthenewyear
This is 47 😮 👇🏽👇🏽What Kylie had to say about her new complexion 💕 "I got to the ripe old age of 46 using supermarket brand skincare with the occasional facial. My skin was dry but oily, red, patchy, dull & lifeless. 12 months in...well let's just say I'm a believer! I've definitely got the best skin of my life! It's no longer dry, oily, red, patchy, dull or lifeless! I got my best skin ever at 47!” Are you ready to NOT WAIT until the new year? #lifechangingskincare #girlwashyourface #freegiftwithpurchase #bestskinever #skincare #skincaretips #beauty #beautytips #bebeautiful #beautiful #healthyskin #glow #skincareRoutine #innerglow #naturalbeauty #innerbeauty #radiantskin #creams #beautypotion #selfcare