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The other person, Rich Wygand, in this picture was on his 13th hour of a 24 hour paddle boarding trek to support his son luke who has a rare genetic disorder called Nemaline Myopathy and all others who have this rare disorder. Please go check out his GoFundMe if you have the chance #wellington #paddleboarding #gofundme #florida
I’m ready for my close up 💕😁
I saw this cheeky meme today, it said “if u are dating an entrepreneur, raise ur glass, if are not, raise your standards”. Well, if needing to patch up ur socks on the daily, having a meltdown about how u failed at buying the right mophead, sitting under ur HRV unit wondering what we can do with this space now since it’s a monster of a machine, washing concrete floors for the pre slaving of painting expedition on ur Saturday, and constantly being covered in drywall dust is a step above ur usual standard, we might just have to agree. The smart one got married, the other one... good luck 🙌🏼 . . . . . . #hostellife #renovatingahostel #brokeass #portarthurhoodlums #diy #renos #norestforthewicked #hosteleria #gofundme #weekends ? #entrepreneurlife #independent #hostellinginternational #wearecray #goinggrey #myfriendssayimacatch
Thanks again to everyone who has been asking about Tank! He is doing a LOT better. He lost some weight during the whole ordeal, but we’re confident he’ll put it back on soon. He is back to playing with his toys, being a cuddle monster, and squishing himself into odd spaces! 😺 For those who don’t know, my birthday is coming up on Wednesday, January 24. I’ve decided that rather than gifts, I would like people to donate so that we can pay off the line of credit we took out to cover Tank’s vet bills. My fur baby being alive and well is the best birthday gift I could possibly receive! So rather than getting me something, please consider helping us pay for the wonderful gift that is Tank! ❤️❤️❤️ #birthday #gofundme #birthdaygirl #cat #kitty #furbaby #catsofinstagram #tankthecat #veterinarybills #happykitty Seorang mahasiswi Sekolah Tinggi Perhotelan Bali, Ni Kadek Ayu Ratih Sinta, 21, meninggal dunia dalam sebuah kecelakaan di Miami, Amerika Serikat, Senin (15/1). Atau sehari setelah mengalami kecelakaan beruntun di Jembatan Hale Boggs Interstate 310, Minggu (14/1). Mahasiswi cantik itu, yang merupakan salah seorang penumpang dalam kecelakaan yang melibatkan tiga mobil tersebut, tewas setelah mengalami luka cukup berat. Sebelum meninggal, Sinta sempat menjalani perawatan di University Medical Center. Sayang, sehari setelah kecelakaan di jembatan yang menghubungkan Destrehan dan Luling, itu nyawanya tak tertolong. Informasi yang berhasil dihimpun dari berbagai sumber menyebutkan, pada malam kecelakaan, itu, Bria Mason, 23 tahun, mengemudikan Chevrolet Impala 2008 ke arah utara di jalur kanan I-310. Saat dia berbelok ke kiri, datang Nissan Altima yang dikemudikan Eryawan Bagus dari Hammond yang ternyata mengajak Sinta. Tabrakan pun tak terhindari. Akibatnya, Mobil yg ditumpangi Shinta berputar berlawanan arah jarum jam dan berhenti di jalur kanan I-310, kemudian ditabrak Mobil lain yang dikendarai seorang wanita bernama Allison Benoit , 22. Mason, Bagus dan Benoit dilarikan ke rumah sakit setempat karena lukanya tidak begitu parah. Namun Sinta yg kondisinya kritis tidak tertolong karena menderita luka berat. Kini pihak kampus serta keluarga sedang berusaha untuk memulangkan jenazah Sinta, mengingat biaya nya yg tidak sedikit . Dan sebuah kampanye sudah dilakukan oleh rekan rekan Shinta untuk membantu agar bisa memulangkan jenazah Shinta dan melakukan upacara pengabenan melalui aplikasi Dalam 2hari sudah terkumpul $11.333 dari total yg diharapkan $25.000 ••• Untuk warganet yg ingin membantu bisa klik link Agar Shinta bisa segera dipulangkan , sekecil apapun bantuannya akan sangat berarti . Amor ring Acintya Ayu Ratih Shinta #infobadung #infodenpasar #infosingaraja #infobali #beritabalisatu #gofundme #ayuratihshinta
My friend Sawyer lives sadly similar to Cinderella (we've joked about it, but it's only becoming more true). His grandma treats him like shit, and since he's the oldest of three, his grandma expects him to cook, clean, and basically act as a parent to his younger siblings (who also treat him poorly, making fun of him, saying he has no friends, etc.). He is also transgender, and since he lives in Oklahoma, the only acceptance comes from online friends who live too far away. His grandmother, siblings, aunt, cousins, parents, and classmates bully the hell out of him. (The fundraiser is not for transitional surgery or hormone therapy; It will be used strictly for transportation and food.) In addition, he was recently in a bad relationship, and his ex keeps touching him inappropriately, even at school, against his wishes. He has some money saved for a bus ticket and food along the way, but he doesn't have enough. And with all of his responsibilities, he doesn't have time to get a job until the summer. So if you have anything to spare, even a dollar or two, it would mean the world to both me and Sawyer. Again, anything would help. I just want to get my friend out of his abusive home and away from the shitheads at school. I'm afraid for him. I want him to be safe and happy. #gofundme #donations #donate #help #helpwanted #abuse #abusive #pleaseyallhemeanssomuchtome #getsawyer150
Mama and I are headed back to Arizona! Read the full “UPDATE” by following the live link in my bio - find out the why and my next steps there. Thanks so much, your love and support means the world 😘✌🏼🦋 #crpswarrior #gastroparesiswarrior #autonomicfailurewarrior #igotthis #butterflysoul #headedhome #livelinkinbio #readupdatesinbio #findoutmoreinfo #gofundme #gofundmedonations #youdontneedtodonatetoreadtheupdates #allquestionsanswered #warrior #chronicpainwarrior #chronicillnesswarrior #onedayatatime #bigchanges
Hello 🎆 Me and @vijetha_sreerama have opened a gofundme for any of you guys that want to help us reach our goals. Link in bio 🎆 We both have worked really hard teaching ourselves new languages and new cultures. In order to, be able to travel and learn more about the little beauties the world has to offer. Now we want to go into the world and come back knowing more ! 🎆 Please don't feel obligated to! #learn #gofundme #travel #learning #language #korea #배우 #한국어 #대한민국 #좋아요 #데일리록 #fff #f4f #lfl #l4l
English Bellow🔰 "Sigue mirando, quizás hago un truco" 🤡Cuando era pequeña solía poner mis piernas en la cabeza y doblar mi cuerpo como plastilina frente a la gente. Era mi manera de decir: "Algo extraño sucede en mi cuerpo" A la vez tenía exageradas peligrosas y permanentes reacciones alérgicas y crecientes intolerancias alimenticias. 🙄🤢 😲¿Puede una cosa estarlo causando todo?🤔 Si.😱 Cuando es un síndrome Llamado EHLERS DANLOS, que significa: Conjunto de mutaciones genéticas que afectan la síntesis del colágeno de manera particular. ‼️Es decir, se tiene un grupo de enfermedades dependiendo de la gravedad en las áreas del colágeno afectadas, CADA CASO ES DIFERENTE. NOS LLAMAN CEBRAS MÉDICAS PORQUE LA RESPUESTA ESTÁ EN LO MENOS COMÚN, EN LA RESPUESTA MÁS COMPLICADA. Si esto no recibe tratamiento se van desarrollando más y más enfermedades, POR ESO YO CADA DÍA ME ENFERMO MÁS. En el mundo hay pocos lugares donde existan especialistas y yo tengo la oportunidad de ser evaluada por los mejores especialistas, en USA. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ @mienfermedadinvisible When I was little, I was always doing tricks, pitting my feet over my head, and that kind of contortions, I was also having daily dangerous allergic reactions, chronic infections and digestive troubles. ¿Could everything be caused by just one thing? Yes! When you have EHLERS DANLOS SYNDROME; a GROUP of genetic mutations that affects collagen synthesis in DIFFERENT ways. WE ARE CALLED MEDICAL ZEBRAS BECAUSE THE ANSWER IS NKT THE FIRST CHOICE BUT THE COMPLICATED ONE. If this doesn't receive treatment the patient will develop other diseases, and that's why I AM GETTING MORE SICK EVERY DAY. I have the opportunity to be evaluated by specialists in USA. 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰⚠️🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰 @mienfermedadinvisible 🐢 superarlensiú # Giros en Colombia: Arlen Siú Daza Fernández Pasaporte 069285039 PayPal: Arlen Daza CI: 17285065 Banesco 01340447084472084378
The artwork of one of our youth...Click here to Donate and Share Our Donor Soyini states "This is a very important cause, It is an emergency" so will you support her in giving a new direction to our youth in a different way than the one we raise funds when we bury them. Support Jermikko in her effort, she is using here business, talent And products to give them a different opportunity and direction". Click on the photo to view and donate. Please share on your Social Media. #swapouthoodie #gofundmedonations #gofundmecampaign #gofundme #saveayouth #savealife #saveouryouth #donatenow #emergency #community #dreams #wishes #hopes #artists #artistic #society #gunforsketchpad #savealife #hoodie #jobs #talentedkids #talented #younglives #art #talented #youth #artwork #creative
Woke up today in a really good mood ☺️ Then I realized Momma stayed home from work so it must be Saturday! 😎 Even better it was in the mid-40s today so we got in a nice walk around the neighborhood 😄 Hope you all enjoy your weekend as much as I am 😎💙😁 Pawlease check out my GoFundMe-Link in Bio⬆️Any shares or donations are greatly appreciated ❤🐕 Thanks to you all for your continued love & support 💙 Head over to @geopetric for pawsome gear for you and your hoomans 🤙💙 Use code LOKITHEBULLYDOG at checkout for 20% off your orders 😉😎 #happyweekend #saturday #snuggles #happy #iwokeuplikethis #loki #lokedog #lokestar #lokestrong #gofundme #rescuedog #doggo  #dogsofinstagram #dogsofig #instadog #dogsofinsta #pupsofig #americanbully #ambully #bully #bullydog #bulldog #bulldogs #bulliesofinstagram #bulldogsofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #endbsl #adoptdontshop #dontbullymybreed #whorescuedwho Have you met my bestest furiends?!?🐕🐕🐕 @olaf_shax 🐾 @kona_b_miss_licky 🐾 @sadeyesellie 🐾 @princessleia666 🐾 @lucky.lovable.louie 🐾 @bluspot 🐾 @draxthedoggo 🐾 @threepeice__kapone 🐾 @freya_the_pittie 🐾 @snaggletoothpete 🐾 @charles_lickens 🐾 @coopercalayan 🐾 @handsome_zeus_ 🐾 @brandy_says_woof 🐾 @tykethehumandog 🐾 @amospearce 🐾 @oscar_the_chi 🐾 @keepingupwithkonan 🐾 @cookie_corgi99 🐾 @kaitoandmochi 🐾 @bocephusthemini 🐾 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Look who figured out that the #tikihut is the place to be. Toby also got his own #facebook page today!! If you want to follow his #antics is: #please invite your friends to like Toby’s page. #spreadtheword The more we get Toby’s story out there, the more help he gets. #xoxo #thankyou #pugsofinstagram #puglife #fosterdog #rescuedog #ilovemydog #adoptdontshop #frug #frenchbulldog #frenchieoftheday #frenchielove #frenchiesofinstagram @wefarted @elvisandcoco @mannythefrenchie @nachodogg @frankthefunnyfrenchie #spreadtheword #gofundme @theellenshow @thetodayshow #thelatelateshow #thelateshow #bobo #helptobythefosterfrenchiepug