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Avoiding all of Monday’s responsibilities like... 😱
Cannot believe my baby has grown into a size MEDIUM! Seems like just yesterday I was bringing him home and his small collar was tightened as much as it could and it was still loose! I LOVE @blueberry_pet_usa products! Their stuff is so cute and the harness is VERY easy to put on your pupper. I've worked with dogs basically my whole life and have had many meltdowns over harnesses. With this one Baylee boy sits and just let's me slip it on. Great buy! #puppylife #goldenretrieversofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppy #dogcollar #harness #leash #nautical #puppygrowinglikeaweed #spoilmydog
happy monday!! i started my week by taking mum for a walk, how did you start yours?! 🐾💛🎉