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Talk about proud!! I remember late nights being on the phone talking about this big project and the boom 💥 it’s finally here!!! One of the most positive and uplifting people I’ve ever come across!! Beyond happy for @mrnewrules for his amazing accomplishment!! Want to be inspired?! Please show some and support to my dear friend and his book!! You are well on your way Mr. Hollywood!!!!!! 😊😂!! I’ll be ordering my copy ASAP!! I need it signed tho, lol. Not everyday I can say I’m friends with an author 😁 #supportthosewhosupportyou #newauthor #goodread #readytobeinspired #letsgetouryouthback #proudofmyfriend #positivethinkinggoesalongway #myfriendsanauthor #ohsnaphehollywoodnow #lol #wosewords #showsomelove #inspiration #achanceto #withvisioncomescommitment #bookstagram
READ BEFORE COMMENTING. 🔥 After a long conversation with a friend today and what we’ve heard women “should look like”.... I decided to share my thoughts, because that’s fucking stupid 😂 - I am the most imperfect person on the planet. I have multiple scars, cellulite on my fat ass (that I like BTW), stretch marks from growing into this tall ass B that I am AND from creating a fucking human, and I have mom boobs. My hair is a disaster almost daily, and I rarely have makeup done because I’m too busy training, running a business, and being a mother. I am 22% BF and I’m ok with staying there. - - Do not comment any compliments because that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m telling you that if anyone has a mold set for what you “should” look like..they probably don’t belong in your life. And if you are the ones setting those standards, you might need to take a look in the mirror to understand what your issues really are. PEOPLE ARE MUCH MORE INTERESTING WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THEM. What are you passionate about? What are your values? What are your goals? Etc. - Y’all are focusing on the wrong things ❤️
Free from midterms for a couple weeks! Celebrating with netflix (just started the flash!) and books and relaxation 💗 Also I am now freezing and I literally have to wear a scarf out or my face will freeze over. - qotd: Comment 3 emojis that describe your life rn! aotd: 🍂🌬🏙
Gin and Tonic, the breakfast drink of Champions and Australian Survivors! Glad to have our friend Shane back in town and to have her books back in stock!
I’d say “who is cozying up tonight to get through Girl Last Seen chapters before our discussion tomorrow?” but let’s be real.... Basically everyone is already finished with it 🤷🏻‍♀️ What a page turner!! 📸: @shelf_of_pearls . . . . . . #pageturner #bookworms #cantputitdown #goodread #bookobsessed #thrillingread #psychologicalthriller #whodunnit #girllastseen #ninalaurin #cozyup #cozyread #bookishcandle #cinnamoncandle #prettybooks #vscobook #booksnaps #currentread #bookshot #bookclub #wealsolovewine #winelovers #winestagram #wineos #allthewine
ORIGINALITY is the key . Practice what you want to become original at. Get good at the techniques. Be open to experimenting.
...and you could be in the running to WIN a luxury escape for two to Malaysia flying AirAsia in Premium Flatbeds and staying four nights at the stunning Tanjong Jara Resort! 2/2
Make sure you pick up your FREE copy of Avalon Inbound | Outbound from the terminal next time you're in, and... 1/2
Was it a beautiful day? Was the sun shining? Answer to to these questions I hadn't have for months, I had locked myself in the room, crying. Crying with a pain. A longing to laugh, A longing to be held A hear the cliche "this too shall pass" But who would? Who had the time in this messed up schedule of the city? Where lives were merrier dying, But chase was money. Am I talking of suicide? But Who in the world give me the privilege to think of the option of just dying, When the child yearning for a drop of water or a handful of grains, Don't even feel it's in rights to complain? Is suicide a privilege? Something the education, The ever growing knowledge, The burden, The pain of the city, Gave? Just forget about the privileges and rights!! Why do we always need something to fight? Be it a suicidal citizen or a malnourished children, Why can't we be their light? Why can't we choose love, for a while.