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The galaxy is just a graveyard full of stars 🌠 👽
Too Alien for Earth, Too Human for Space. 🖖
I’m gonna be opening a web store to sell some jewelry I’ve been making soon. If you’d like to buy any pieces before or order something custom before I open it message me! Remember when you order directly from me I don’t loose nearly half my profits to fees lol Bat / pumpkin earrings: $3 Angel earrings: $5 Angel necklace $6 ($10 for the set) Small bee necklace $6 Large bee necklace $7 Heart necklaces $6 each Baby bat necklace $4.50 (due to the letters being sorta messed up) Doll head necklace (green one is sold already) $10 Please let me know if you’re interested in anything.
Don’t know why I have two accounts but oh well.