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officially graduated! Bachelor of business (accountancy) 👩🏻‍🎓 #gratefulforthem
I remember exactly one year ago being invited by the beautiful Kim Bobbis @bobbispolestudioperth to join the High Advanced group for the new term starting 2017.... and I remember feeling so OVERJOYED IT brought a tear to my eye & flutter of butterflies through my tummy! It was my dream.... My goal.... My wish..... ever since I started my first pole term as a Bobbis babe in 2010, to someday be in the company of this elite tribe of amazing women. All I have to say is... it took me 7 awesome years to get here.... n it has been oh so worth it! It never felt unattainable because I was constantly supported by a loving, nurturing & trustworthy troupe of teachers/instructors... and today I celebrate my 1st year anniversary as a high advanced student at BPS and I just want to take this moment to thank @missernyd for being such a joy of a teacher and kickass babe! And to all the fellow bobbis h.adv girls & teachers.... thank u for making the last 50 Tuesday nights of the year so damn AMAZING!! Ive had the best time! Can't wait for more awesome great times in the new year!! #celebratingthelilttlethings #theimportantthings #gratefulforthem #thankful #gratitude #happiness #polegoals #celebratingmyteachers #mygreatestinspiration
Nothing better than some quality family time. You literally never know when those moments may not be available. Every time I feel like my emotions are bubbling up and I'm taking it out on them...I always try to stop and think about what the last thing I want them to remember or I. #gratefulforthem #ihittheparentjackpot #CaldwellLights
This weekend was one of my favorite experiences I’ve had in Napa. Little sister planned the trip to perfection and there’s nothing more valuable to me than quality family time 🙏❤️