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This makes me so happy and grateful, it's truly been a crazy year, but with lots of blessings, light and love, and instagram got it right showing my favorite moments with my favorite people (of course missing some) but I am so grateful to God for them, for these memories, for getting here, for this year with all its ups and downs, but it's been wonderful! I pray to God for another wonderful year full of His love, peace and beauty 🙌🏻 Happy New Year everyone, may this new year bring you all the desires of your hearts and be filled with God's grace 🎉💙 I love you my blessings, may God keep each and everyone of you safe and happy 💙 #Gratefulforthem #myheartishappy #HappyNewYear #2018 #2017bestnine
. Skidamarink a-dink a-dink Skidamarink a-doo I love you I love you in the morning And in the afternoon I love you in the evening And underneath the moon #gratefulforthem
I’m so grateful that my kids have some of the world’s best people in their life. Who love them and show up to support them and cry alongside me watching them out on that mat. I can’t imagine our little world without them. ❤️💋📣🎀👯‍♀️ #gratefulforthem #ourtenleymckenna #wehavethebesttribe
A very rare family photo! It's almost impossible to get everyone dressed, happy and in the same place all at the same time! This was at a beautiful friends wedding yesterday. It was such a wonderful day celebrating their love and commitment to each other. Weddings always remind me how grateful I am for my own marriage and little family. I am blessed!
Just because ❤... If it wasn't for these 2 being my rock thru backbone thru the hard times and my happiness thru the good times...I don't know where I'd be! I may not say it enough but I appreciate you both more than I can ever express!! Thank you for always showing me the true meaning of LOVE and being such a great example to not only myself but to our Kalia. I LOVE YOU😍😙 #appreciationpost #throwbackthursday #theparentals #lovethemunconditionally #relationshipgoals #amazingexamples #soselfless #imsoblessed #gratefulforthem #alwayskeepinmeincheck #salausafam #raisedbythebest #theydontage HAHA😂 #kaliasfavorites #youngindays #pretattoos
To all the mamas out there... this is for you ! Keep being strong and keep raising kind children. ❤️And to the ultimate mother, our Mother Earth ... we love you ! 🌎