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LEVÁNTATE. HUELGA CLIMÁTICA MUNDIAL. 20-27 de septiembre☝🏻 Calentamiento de la tierra, quema de bosques, derretimiento de glaciares, aumento de océanos, extinción de animales, tormentas más frecuentes, intensas y mortales, refugiados climáticos que huyen de sus hogares 🌎 ÚNANSE a los activistas del @vdayorg , @unbillondepiemexico @one_billion_rising y @cityofjoyfilm mientras nos LEVANTAMOS en solidaridad con el movimiento de huelga climática escolar. Los estudiantes de todo el mundo han estado en huelga los viernes para exigir soluciones a la emergencia climática. Ahora, están pidiendo a todos que interrumpan el statu quo y se unan a ellos HOY viernes 20 de septiembre para el #GlobalClimateStrike. Tres días antes de la Cumbre de la ONU sobre el clima en Nueva York, el 20 de septiembre comenzará una semana de acción climática, con una huelga para mostrar a los políticos que nuestra demanda de justicia es fuerte y que no nos detendremos hasta que la crisis climática se aborde adecuadamente y sea necesaria (y hasta que se pongan en marcha) LA ACCIÓN y EL CAMBIO del sistema para restaurar la dignidad, la integridad y el respeto por la Madre Tierra. Juntos pedimos justicia contra la codicia agresiva y la explotación global de la naturaleza y las personas que profundizan las desigualdades en riqueza y poder. Hacemos un llamado a restaurar la dignidad, la integridad y el respeto hacia la Madre Tierra y a todas las personas del mundo, en particular las mujeres y las niñas, que han sido violadas por políticas y programas que causan degradación y saqueo del medio ambiente. Los activistas de #VDay y #1BillionRising están DE PIE en apoyo del movimiento dirigido por estudiantes. La crisis climática no esperará y nosotros tampoco. La casa está en llamas. Únete @globalclimatestrike *Lea nuestra declaración completa, aquí: •Para encontrar un evento local cerca de usted y / o crear uno, visite: .net/start/ #GreenNewDeal #FridaysForFuture #StrikeWithUs #RiseResistUnite #RiseInSolidarity #Rise4MotherEarth #Rise4ClimateJustice @eveensler
“To put this quantify of rain into perspective, 41 inches (104 cm) over a two-month period would be considered exceptional in this part of Texas, said meteorologist Eric Holthaus in a tweet. Such an event would happen about once in a century "in a stable climate," Holthaus said. But recent and accelerating climate change is thought to foster conditions that make seasonal tropical storms wetter, windier and potentially more destructive, Live Science previously reported. Rainstorm Imelda has submerged some areas that were left untouched by hurricane Harvey, according to The Weather Channel. For now, the extent of the damage the storm will do remains to be seen.” #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #climatestrike #resist #greennewdeal #climatechange #extinctionrebellion #climatecrisis #climateactionnow #climateemergency #wedonthavetime #gretathunberg #climatebreakdown #unitedforclimate #fashion #teenvogue #climatebreakdown #actnow #thisiszerohour #girlsrule #thefutureisfemale #joebiden2020 #elizabethwarren2020 #berniesanders2020 #imelda #texasflood #flood2019 #flood #texas
#GlobalClimateStrike is tomorrow! Indy’s rally is at 11a at the Statehouse. Not into crowds? Take the day off work or school, wear yellow, take public transit, refuse to spend money unless it’s local and sustainable, demand your reps support a #GreenNewDeal, and post a photo in solidarity. So many ways to show up, y’all! ⚡️ art by @davidebonazzi24 via @thoughtsprayersandaction
Where were you on Sept 20, 2019? Give the right answer: #globalclimatestrike. . Hit them where it hurts today, folks! Right in the political gonads! And head back here end of me next week to join our month-long lobbying push - #24hmovement
Where were you on Sept 20, 2019? Give the right answer: #globalclimatestrike. . Hit them where it hurts today, folks! Right in the political gonads! And head back here end of me next week to join our month-long lobbying push - #24hmovement
Join our climate warrior princess @a_noteworthy_dreg tomorrow as she leads us from San Diego High to City hall, and finally to demand climate action from #senatorfeinstein. Painting by @its_ya_girl_bells Titled “Climate Warrior”, this is what the artist had to say about her subject: "It’s how I see you, strong, confident, passionate and just purely amazing. You really are an inspiration and not just for my art, in life." #strikewithus #globalclimatestrike #greennewdeal #gengnd #whoruntheworld #climatechange #climatewarrior #climateprincess
Beginning tomorrow, September 20th thousands of strikes will be happening around the world. The biggest #climatestrike of its kind to support the #GreenNewDeal, 100% renewable energy, the respect of indigenous rights and treaties, biodiversity, environmental justice and sustainable agriculture. As we fight the biggest civil rights issue of our time, we must actively support the frontline youth leaders who are literally putting their bodies on the line to be heard. Those who continue to tirelessly do the work to ensure the planet they’ve inherited is clean & livable. Make no mistake, this is a climate emergency. Join us as we strike for #ClimateJustice and make our voices heard. To find a location to join the strike, visit The time for inaction is over. @usclimatestrike #Frontlineclimatestrike #wearethestory #wewillnotbeerased #100isNOW
⚡️ t o m o r r o w ⚡️ The planet will survive climate change. We won’t. And while leaders act like children, children are acting like leaders in this fight for our future. Let’s follow their lead, shall we? P.S. Big crowds not your thing? You can support by wearing yellow, calling your reps to demand a #GreenNewDeal, and not spending money unless it’s with a local, sustainable business. 🎨: @indigenousgoddessgang
I’ve been inactive for a while (sorry! 😅) A good social media break is always a good idea. But, tomorrow is the Global Climate Strike!!! I’m so excited to be working with groups on my campus to demand change. We’re demanding our university divest its endowment and meet IPCC emission standards, and we demand congress support a Green New Deal. Let’s get it! #fridaysforfuture #greennewdeal #divesttulane