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Reposting bc I missed a part of the vid // I wasn’t able to finish this on time for the twins birthday yesterday but I’m finally almost done 😅 I’ll post the full drawing a few hours later :) I also decided to just post a single time lapse instead of two parts. Tell me what you guys think! ❤️ Edit: I CAN’T FINISH THIS TODAY EITHER OML
next week is gonna be the most stressful week of my life oh my GIDBDJSJ i have like 47 tests and essays due next week and i just can't the only thing that's keeping me going is christmas break
Hello there, new pimple 👻👋 I still love you ❤ thank you so so much for liking my post earlier. @nashgrier # #nash #grier
♥️🎄🥀🌱 ~ ⏰:: December 16th 2017 🎼:: Death & Taxes -Daniel Caesar 🔖:: comment on my middle theme divider to be tagged in this theme!!
~ Hey guys! 👋🏽 It‘s Ethan and Grayson’s birthday whoop whoop! They’re freaking 18 now guyzzz!!! Ahhhh!!! Anywho I hope their birthday rocks and stuff! (: ~ Qotd: Could you guys tag Ethan and Grayson? * #hayes_grier_collages #hayesgrier #grier #hayes #bhg #superimpose #editinspo #connerdennis #mylifeaseva #manurios #ethandolan #graysondolan #dolantwins
This is random but I’m so proud to support Hayes & Sabrina. They make me so happy, seeing how real they are & authentic is so rare these days. They have such good hearts & are so sweet toward their supporters & work so hard to make us happy. @hayesgrier @sabrinacarpenter y’all got my love & support always🖤