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Just a few from this awesome-gigantic family session we did a few weeks ago! A great way to get group photos and immediate family photos while spending the day together. We ultimately had 6 sessions in one! #heartisfull #familygoals #inhomesessions #waytoocute #lovetheseguys !!! . . . . . . . . . . . . #giganticfamilysession #hugefamilysession #familysession #familyphotos #familyportraits #groupphoto #maroon #pink #rose #rosé #lookslikefilmkids #lookslikefilm #lookslikefilmportraits #maeflowerphotography #moodyportrait #mood #goals #cougs #gocougs #cougsfamily
Friday...The long drive home. We awoke early on Friday morning to pack and clean before the entire mission group made way to the U.S. border and on to Baton Rouge, LA. By of planning I was driving the last van to cross and I had the most precious cargo, Mi Amor!!! As we approached the boarder the tension was high as to if we would have problems getting into the U.S. again. It was a blessing. The border agent did not notice the boiled eggs(raw food is a no no crossing the border) sitting out to be eaten later. As a group we met back up and went to a grocery parking lot for a group photo. I was driving the van with Mi Amor 😁. I kept an eye on her. After a stop near San Antonio I was given a rest from driving and went to the back of the van to take a nap. Mi Amor was sooooo kind to offer me her pillow and lap to lay on. I was very tired but also anxious and giddy. It is at this special time that I got my first kiss 💋 from Mi Amor! A small peck on the cheek as I was laying there trying to sleep. A kiss that was not returned. Eventually my nerves calmed and I got some sleep. Near Katy, TX I started driving again enjoying spending this time in the same van as Mi Amor. But that all stopped when we stopped near Beaumont, TX and I began driving a different van. I was separated from Mi Amor... she was quick to let me know I should have done something to keep driving her van. As we arrived back in Baton Rouge at about midnight confusion ensued mostly by me and I ended up riding home by myself in an Uber as Mi Amor went the other way with some friends from the mission trip. Per her request, I informed her when I was safely home and viceversa. She had plans for that next afternoon but as the night came to an end I told Mi Amor I would talk to her the next day...... #LongRoadHome #GroupPhoto #NapontheLap #FirstCheekKiss #UberSolo #MissionTrip2017 #MissionTripSuccess
We had fun today with this group photo
How do you photograph 14x excited and newly qualified yoga teachers and their tutor? Like this if course 💁🏼‍♀️ no. 2 of 3 ✌📸 @anyahawkes_csv_yoga_school_uk
How do you photograph 14x excited and newly qualified yoga teachers and their tutor? Like this if course 💁🏼‍♀️ no. 3 of 3 ✌📸