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It was time for a progress pic👊 I have really been focusing on cutting out dairy and gluten completely the last few months and my body is liking it!! Along with that I’ve been really focusing on eating nutrient dense foods! If it isn’t doing your body good why eat it? (The me three years ago never would have spoke to me again) #gymislife #nutritionislife #pushforward #girlswholift #gymtime
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Todos tenemos el potencial de hacer que pase pero pocos son l @s que activan! ¿De qué lado etá vo?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #potencial #hacequepae⠀
Ever felt like you were drowning, couldn't keep your head above the waters? . . You had one thing after the next that seemed to strip away your joy..from unpaid bills, not being able to keep up in school, your business isn't booming, you aren't where you want to be in life . . You know there's so much more for your life, etc. All of these things that make you feel so hopeless, that it creates this wave of emotions that try to drown out the voice of God . . His voice that says, do you trust me? Do you know what you're going through isn't to drown you, but to cleanse you? Do you not remember that I'm right alongside you every step of the way? . . I myself had to remind myself that the God I serve walks on water & time and time again He's rescued me. Why would He stop now? He loves me too much not to save me
Teaching my self something new everyday. Well obviously I practice alittle. But I enjoy too do anything athletic involved and show amount of upper body strength I got. Don't get me wrong there people out there with incredible strength. But im just teaching my self little by little. It's a slower process for me cause I'm teaching my self. And being your own teacher can make you your own inspiration your own motivation. And if you no you can teach your self and reach the goals you want. you feel more confident or happy with your self. But in general stay happy with you your self and your body. Your body is your art. #strength #performance #persistence #better #wantmore #motivation #motivated #limber #muscle #ripped #shredded #bloodflow #veinflow #gymlover #gymaholic #gymislife #loverofthegym #strengthperformed