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If I accept myself as I am right now while trying to get into a better shape physically and mentally does that mean I am not body positive? . . To me body positivity means accepting yourself as you are in your own body no matter what shape or size you are. It means loving yourself and knowing your worth. It means respecting yourself and making decisions for your own good. It means being confident in your own skin no matter what other people say. It means treating your body with respect and taking care of it. . . So excuse me if I am trying to treat my body with respect, feeding it healthier food, exercising to become stronger physically and mentally. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel worthy enough as I am. I do it because I love myself. 💕 . . What does body positivity mean to you? ☺️
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i. am. dead. this workout seriously murdered me🤩 i got through 18 rounds then ptfo... saturday’s are my favoriteeeee training day, i always switch it up and do a circut style workout like this one! you can make them as easy or as hard as ya want depending on how hard you wanna push yourself. i went pretty hard this morning ngl lol ——————————————————————————— this is an AMRAP style workout, meaning you repeat the circuit as many times as you can in the set time. this one is 30 minuets of ▪️5 sumo deadlifts *heavy ▪️15 push ups ▪️10 box jumps -the goal is to continue for the entire time with little to no rest ;) -to finish off my training i then did a few sets of pull ups until failure ——————————————————————————— again, this will only be as hard as you make it. so try and push yourself to get 10-15 rounds! i promise it’s killer hehe -spots bra & shorts are @tilyoucollapse 💞 ——————————————————————————— WORKOUT PLANS: apply in bio 💞 @tilyoucollapse | katy 🥜 @legendaryfoods | KATY 🌿 @biohmhealth | KATY 🌊 @freestylewatches | KTAYLOR 🧜🏽‍♀️ @puravidabracelets | KATYTAYLORKT20
Incredibly blessed to be able to do everything I want to do in my life. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and the jobs I have and my future plans. I’m proud of my body and the way I look and things can only get better because I keep fighting harder and harder 💪🏼I’ve found my confidence and also my happiness 😍 . . . . . #gym #gymsharkleggings #gymsharkwomen #cardio #lifestyle #gymsharkflexleggings #gethealthy #model #fitnessmodel #fitspo #fitspiration #weightloss #bodyconfidence #bootyfordays #noexcuses #trainhard #instafit #instagood #fitfam #workoutmotivation #workout #goals #bodybuilding #glutes #diet #flexfriday #bootygainz #dedication #weighttraining #bodytransformation
Are HIIT workouts all that they’re cracked out to be? 🤔 * Some benefits of HIIT training include increased metabolism, improved glucose and fat burn , strength, and endurance. And best of all is you don’t need a gym or much equipment. * Personally, I love doing some HIIT whether it’s Tabata workouts, or sprints 2-3 times a week. If you are thinking of starting HIIT type training workouts it may be best to ease yourself into it by incorporating 1 HIIT training workout per week and then as you feel ready for a greater challenge add a second HIIT workout during the week all in combination with strength training of course. * I love filming these kind of videos but by no means do I rely just on HIIT workouts for the results I want.
You. You’re a special one. Destined for more than you can even imagine. Just keep your head up, darling. You’re doing just fine💫
It’s officially fall & I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. On another note, I’m definitely starting to get impatient with my arm 😫 I want to just give it a solid shake and hope it magically fixes itself #thestruggleisreal Anyway, hope you all are having a great start to your Saturday. 😊 . . . #trishpfitness #gymsharkwomen #happysaturday #quayaustralia #roadtorecovery #nikewomen #barrysbootcamp #barrysbayarea #weekendvibes #officiallyfall #fitnessmotivation #myfitnessjourney #sanfrancisco #sffitness #sfpersonaltrainer #groupfitnessinstructor #quayxdesi #warriorwomen