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Looks like I found my new favorite ice cream! 30% off during the week at woolworths!!! Can't wait to try the chocolate flavor 😍😍
I finally got to try some Halo Top ice cream (on the right). I decided to give Candy Bar a try and it is really tasty. I only had a small serve but I'm still surprised it's only about 50 calories! I also tried some Fropro (peanut butter flavour) since it's Australian. Unfortunately the Halo Top is a lot nicer. It has a creamier texture, whilst the Fropro is a bit grainy. My big disappointment is that they are both sweetened with Polyols which I don't tolerate well and I also think the Fropro is too sweet anyway. I'm not a huge ice cream person anyway, but I might have Hslo Top on occasion or just have normal ice cream! #weightloss #weightlossjourney #halotop #fropro
This is my new #halotop flavor. By far one of the best ones I've tried. In my opinion.
Since this flavour hit shelves, I’ve been hearing basically everyone who’s tried it sing its praise. Figured I better check it out for myself... I haven’t tried every flavour of halo top, but I am such a huge fan of #oatmealcookie that I had a lot of doubt whether this could even come close. I thought however, that maybe it could equate or surpass the other flavour I reach for sometime: chocolate peanut butter. Verdict? It doesn’t come close to either. In fact, even though I got a freezer burnt pint of #cookiedough and i didn’t like #redvelvet much, i would say both of those are way better than this one nonetheless. Maybe it was just my pint, I’m not sure, but I know there is supposed to be a chocolate swirl and I had only one bite where I could see this tiny tiny line of chocolate so thin that no taste could be detected from the base. There are pieces of peanuts but, they were more annoying than anything in my opinion. Instead of putting in halved peanuts or pieces the size of those on a drumstick even, these are chopped smaller than in many jars of crunchy peanut butter. They just get stuck in teeth more than anything else. I’m not sure what flavour the base is supposed to be...from the design of the pint I would have guessed caramel but, it definitely tastes nutty, so I’m gonna say it’s peanut based though I can’t be sure to be quite honest. I’m actually really bummed at how let down I am with this flavour given the rave reviews I’ve been hearing for so long! 4/10 Do try oatmeal cookie and chocolate peanut butter. Don’t buy into the hype of people who’ve neither eaten ice cream or a candy bar in far too long. #candybar #halotop #icecream #protein #proteinicecream #lowcalorie #junkfood #review #food #frozen #peanut #caramel #chocolate #mysteryflavor #dessert #snack #midnightsnack #dissapointed
If you’ve never tried @halotopau your missing out 🍦 My fav flavour is cookie dough right now but that changes as they are all amazingggg!!!! 🙄👌🏽 • I’m so keen to get my hands on peanut butter cup arghhh can’t wait 🥜🍫💗🙌🏽
Enjoying some ice cream 😁
They were on sale so couldn’t get one without trying the other. Too bad they only have the 2 flavours at all the local stores here. My go to is normally Ben & Jerry’s so we shall see how these compare 🍦 #halotop @creamery