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Ok so I know I haven't drawn nudes this explicit before, but I like experimenting artistically, & I also think we should start accepting that the human body is something NATURAL, not nasty or whatever. So this came out and I kinda like it, especially for the psychedelic effect, and refuse to feel ashamed and leave it in a forgotten folder. It respects the IG policies, so I guess there's no problem 👍 Thanks for reading & remember art is a way of expression and you're free to use it as such, as long as there is RESPECT ✌ Oh! And I almost forgot that I was inspired by one of my favorite artists, @instaphazed 🙏 his work is unique ❤ . . . #art #psychedelic #contemporaryart #nude #rose #handpainted #digitalart #alternative #alternativeart #womanpower #sensual #body #grunge #grungeaesthetic #vaporwave #aesthetic #neon #sorrynotsorry #nudeisnotporn #painting #conceptart
Before and after. 4hr long transformation!!!! Hard work pays off!
St Patrick's Day scarves 3 I made a series of green and orange + green handpainted silk scarves for St Patrick's Day and had arranged to go to the Irish Centre today to network and hopefully sell some. But a family crisis has prevented my elder sister who lives in Shetland from coming to Mum's this week. She was planning to come for 2 weeks, with Mum's 99th birthday next Tuesday, in the middle of her stay. But now it will be some days before she can come. All that is distressing for her, but had a ripple effect on the rest of the family. My younger sister and her hubby had arranged to come to London on Friday and stay all this weekend - knowing our elder sister would be with mum - as four of their children are in London, her eldest works in South Africa and will only be in London for a few days, so it's not something they could cancel. My son was able to cover Friday and on Sunday he can take mum with him to the rehearsals - which will be most of the day. The production of Great Expectations is just a week away - but he was working today. Saturday is the busiest day and he works there every Saturday. He couldn't take the day off - so he arranged a rota of friends and neighbours to call on mum until I could get there. I went busking to get the money I needed for the train. Then I drove over to Camden, to the Irish Centre, so at least I could show my face, make a few contacts and show a few people there my St Patrick's Day scarves. It was better than nothing. These are a few of my special scarves dedicated to Ireland and my lovely Irish heart-family. After visiting the Irish Cultural Centre I drove to Tottenham Hale and parked at the back of a new housing estate. Then I got the train to Audley End, cadged a ride into Saffron Walden with another passenger who also got off the train at that stop, and drove my son's car to Mum's house. That's where I photographed these scarves. I'm on the train back to London now, having spent some happy hours with my mother this afternoon. It's been snowing all afternoon and evening. Very pretty. #handmade #handpainted #silkscarves #silk #green #orange #orangeandgreen #stpatricksday #ireland #oneness #family #gratitude
sunshine is warming my soul today 🌞🌼
Handcrafted Shiva Sculpture, painted by hand by village craft artists. In store now.
Custom brush order of a beautiful horse! ❤️
A little green and purple inspiration for this beautiful St.Patricks day in Denver.