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#littlebantamtruth • A while ago, when I was still all about being “relevant”, when I was still stuck in my ego and Instagram changed their algorithm (making it harder to engage with new people 👎🏽) • I wondered (and yes I really did think this 😏) whether I should be on here 😬 whether I should get my tiny titties out to attract more likes/follows/etc • I literally contemplated changing the person I was to be more LIKED! WTF?! 🙈🙉🙊 Instead, I took the road perhaps less travelled on social media and decided to look within, to realise that my need to be relevant was run by my FEAR of being irrelevant and that no matter how much skin I put out there, I would always feel like I needed MORE, if I went down that path! 🙀 Thank F* @K I stuck to my guns hey, cos now I feel comfortable sharing with you, these very real handstand shots from my holiday on the sunny coast instead of some “sexy” “alluring” “come hither” snap 😂 😂 😂 . . . . . #handstanding #handstandonthebeach #handstandfail #funonthebeach #funinthesun🌞 #realtalk💯 #letsgetreal #beinghonest #imperfectlyperfect #havealaugh #learntoreflect #inversionsgonewrong #fitnessfail #thisistherealme #ordinaryonpurpose #soordinaryitsin
A handstand I’m not strong enough to do anymore, let’s just call it a fancy yoga pose. 😜 Plus, the only kids I know who wear goggles at the beach. 😜 * * * Killarney🌟Star, music & RV adventures 🚍🛣 * #🎹 Piano singer-songwriter like #toriamos meets #dreampop . 🔜 #fulltimervfamily & #houseconcerts tour. 👉 Follow our #lifesimplified process & adventures @spacetosmile 🦋 * * * #gymnasticsfail #gymnasticsfails #notagymnast #fancypantsyoga #yogafail #yoganogo #gotyoga #beachyoga #handstandonthebeach #bottomsup #goggles #kidsingoggles #tryanything #anythingforinstagram #beachdaysarethebestdays #beachday #mondayfun #mondayfunny
Really nice handstand session with @nirvanastrength . Learning how to prepare the wrist before handstand, engaging core and opening up the shoulder. So happy with the straight line, now working on balancing! Thank you @ianmac5595 and @danjeongconditioning ! Anyway, it's funny that I think I can manage to do handstand by myself for picture and then... I end up bump my legs on mother Earth lol Now I'm still recovering but it's getting better. #handstand #handstandsession #handstandonthebeach #bali #positivevibes #keepgoing #nirvanastrength #polishgirl #girl #progress
Handstand on the Beach . I have this rush of playful energy when I get to a beach. I naturally return to inversions and my handstand practice, because half the fun is landing or falling into soft sand or shallow water. . If your at a beach next time, ask a bunch of children if they do handstands. The response is alway yes, and suddenly you have a bunch of kids, including myself, playing with this inversion energy and cheering each other on. . It’s a beautiful moment when you reach equipoise, that brief experience of balance at the top of the inversion. I have a set of cues that I learned at a workshop with @kinoyoga -she’s a self confessed beachbum and master yogi- to get up into the pose: focus on a single visual point, lock my shoulder girdle, pull in my core, bring my feet together, reach tall in both directions. . The hardest threshold to pass thru is doing handstand without a wall. Kino told me at some point the wall becomes a crutch. Learn to fall out of the pose without a wall. I would say that was the most important moment in my handstand journey. Once you feel comfortable with falling out with control, like a cart wheel movement to the side, the rest of the pose opens up. I pop a handstand almost anywhere now, New York, Chicago, perhaps in a meeting(?). The handstand is the most rewarding accomplishment of the yoga practice, I have found a beautiful playful energy within myself thru mastering this pose. . Next step, following @jake_paul_white and @tomwilsonleonard, I want to shift from jumping into the pose to pressing up into the inversion, maybe even throw in a wide leg variation too! . Clothing : @speedo Lens : @wavewyld