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(Annie) Hey, my name is Annie, I'm 15 and I am moving in with my 17 year old best friend Jayden Bartels today. I'm about five minutes away and I can tell you know, I am so bloody excited to get out of this uber. Why at 15 would I be moving away from home? Well my parents leave home for work a lot usually for a month or two. This time it's for 5 years. So instead of going with them I decided to move to LA to live with Jayden. I know I'll be much happier here then running around after my parents 24/7. Anyways I arrived at Jayden's House and OMG when I say it's huge I mean HUGE! *swipe* "OMG ANNIEEEE!!" Jayden greeted me with a super tight hug. "Good to see you too" I laughed. "Anyways Annie we have 10 minutes to get ready for school so we better hurry!" Jayden said. "Shit ok." I laughed again. I ran up to my bedroom *swipe* and it was stunning! Thanks Jay. I quickly put an oversized yellow hoodie on and some black leggings, paired with a cute messy bun and some trainers *Swipe* I kept my makeup simple with a nude eyeshadow, pale pink lips, some foundation and mascara. Jayden and I walked into Attaway High, and all the guys were like drooling over me, it's quite funny really. Jayden helped me get my schedule and then she introduced me to her friends Connor, Mackenzie, Johnny and Hayden. "Hey guys, this is my best friend Annie. She's gonna be hanging with us from now on k." "I'm Hayden. And your hot." Hayden remarked. "Hayden leave her alone she's new she doesn’t need you hitting on her." Mackenzie snarled. "Uh it's fine, thanks I guess." I awkwardly laughed at Hayden. He's the type of guy I used to fall for. Not anymore. Nope not happening. He is hot though. Nope. Shut up Annie stop. RING!!! I have Maths first up. Hayden is the only person I know who is going to be in that class so guess I have to put up with him for another hour. TBC || Comment for more. #hannie #hanniefanfic #Hannielove #hannietea #hannieisreal #Hanniegoals @annieleblanc @haydensummerall
Chapter 10 *Hayden’s POV* I wake up to the ringing of my phone beside me. I roll over onto my side to face my phone “unknown number” pops up onto the screen at first I question it but I just say H: Screw it. I pick up my phone and hear Annie’s voice. It’s tear filled and stuffed up as if she was and had been crying. I talk to her for a little then she asked if she and Logan can stay the night. When I say bye to her I run to my guest room I have set up for my nephews and get it set up for Logan. Then I head back to my room and make the bed again. I walk down the stairs to the living room and kitchen. I turn the lights on and light the fireplace. I hear a gentle knock at the door and I open the door to see Annie’s tear stained face and Logan in her arms with his blanket around him. She comes in the house and I lead her up to the room Logan will be in. She sets him down onto the bed and kisses his forehead. Her and I walk back down the stairs towards the couch. We sit down and I wrap my arm around her and she leans her head onto me shoulder as she snuggles into my chest. H: Are you okay? A: I think so... I kiss her forehead gently and move down to her lips kissing her. She pulls away and looks into my eyes and I look back into hers. Her chocolate brown eyes that anyone can love. I mean I even fell in love with those eyes. Me and her snuggle up onto the couch and watch Stranger Things. I kiss her head gently before falling asleep with her in my arms.
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