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Omg how cute is this !!? 😻😻
Hayden's first Instagram post! omg he is so cute❤️
[Chapter 26 : Movies] (Annie) After Hayden comforting me I cleaned up my face, I looked really snobby. I clean myself and I jumped on top of Hayden. Hayden : Hey! Wanna watch something?! Annie : Sure. But what? Hayden : How about scary movies! Annie : Oh no... Hayden : Oh yes! Annie : Fine.. Hayden : Yes! Thank you ba- princess! Whoa wait.. Huh? Was he about to call me babe?? Awww that’s so cute, but I understand Bcs we aren’t dating... I got the vlog camera out. Annie : Hey Guys! It’s Annie, here with Hayden! We are about to watch a really scary movie! So scary I’m gonna faint! I shouldn’t have let Hayden pick the movie *face palms* but it’s okay! Hayden : I love scary movies! Don’t worry princess I’m right here! Annie : Yea Yea! See you guys in a bit! *does the piece sign* I turned off the vlog camera and I snuggled up with Hayden. Every time a scary part came out I would hide under te blankets and Hayden would just laugh at me and hug me telling me it was just okay. But I just got really tired I fell asleep. (Hayden) I looked over at Annie and I saw her sound asleep. She looked so cute! I snuggled up with her and I fell asleep by her side. (TBC) - Sorry for not posting I really really am. I know you all hate me and I’m so so sorry. - Comment “😉” for more chapters!
She’s just so happy with him :) 💙💜💙💜
This took forever but I love it!!! Slay Annie... HAYDEN IS QUAKING!!!! 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙
I don’t know what’s wrong with the border on this one I tried to get rid of it 😬💙💜
[Chapter 25 : Madness] (Annie) When I woke up, Hayden was still next to me Peacefully sleeping. He was so cute! I stood up, but as soon as I did that he started to wake up too. Hayden : Morning princess.. He voice was raspy since he just woke up and he sounded hot not gonna lie. Annie : Morning Hayden! Hayden : How did you sleep? Annie : I slept really good actually thx for asking. Hayden : Should we get you home? Annie : Yes please! When we got there everyone was there. Kenzie,Johnny,Jayden,Connor,Carson and Lauren... Annie : What are you guys doing here?? Kenzie : Why would you do that Annie? Annie : Do What? Lauren : Go tell the guys that we where at the bar! We were perfectly fine! Jayden : Don’t say it wasn’t you. Annie : First of all I told Hayden! Not them! Second of all perfectly fine?! I wasn’t perfectly fine! I was this close from being raped or something! God knows what could’ve happened to me. This dude came up to me telling me I was his. I’m so glad I called Hayden, because if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t even be here! And yes it was me Jayden. Something could’ve happened to the three of you! You guys were so drunk! You guys didn’t even know what you were doing. Now if you excuse me I’m going to my room! Tears were streaming down my face by now and they saw. (Hayden) Once Annie said everything, the girls where in complete shock, even the boys. Once Annie went to the room I told them. Hayden : You shouldn’t have even gone to the bar in the first place. That was not needed for a girls night. Now if you guys excuse me, I’m going to check up on Annie. Next time listen to her first before bashing her with rude questions. With that I went upstairs to Annie’s room, I locked the door and I went to her hugging her really tight. And she just cried on my shoulder. (TBC) - Oof that just happened! - Comment “🙊” for more chapters!