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LICHT | Mooie lampen zijn het investeren waard, want met een goed lichtplan kun je jouw woning nog warmer en gezelliger maken. Hanglamp Gaby is bijvoorbeeld perfect voor boven de eettafel, maar kan ook goed boven een kookeiland of in een hoek van de woonkamer. Door de snoeren kun je de bolletjes op verschillende hoogten hangen en de verschillende kleuren bollen geven de lampen heel mooi en warm licht. Hanglamp Gaby heb je al in huis voor € 349,- en is bij ons op voorraad. - - - #budgethomestore #zoeterwoude #rijnekeboulevard #feelings #happyathome #leiden #leiderdorp #zoetermeer #alphenadrijn #woonwinkel #wonen #interieur #inspiratie #woonboulevard #shoppen #byboo #budgetwonen #styleonabudget #budgetfriendly #wooninspiratie #gaby #hanglamp
What do you like to do on the weekend? Is not studying for my exam an option?
They play // I plan 🤗. - Apparently, there's a lot of other moms on IG that feel the same way about healthy living like I do: we need accountability & simple systems! - That's why I'm opening enrollment early for my February Fit Group. Deadline is Feb 4th to grab your spot (they fill up fast, there's already a waiting list 👭). - Leave a ✋ in the comments and I'll send some questions your way to make sure I'm the girl to help you with your goals. - Which places do you take your kiddos so they can self entertain while you relax or do work?....Gimme ideas!
Happy Thursday everyone! @wagworthynaturals and I are doing another live episode today, we're going to talk about how to keep our aging pets happy and healthy as possible. . Old age is not a disease yet many animals get diagnosed with "old age" every year. If you feel your dog is succumbing to old age, it is time for us as pet owners to figure out what they need to keep them active. Animals, just like us, have a hard time manufacturing all of the things their bodies need as they get older. "Old age" can potentially be reversed by adding a few essential supplements to their diet. Find out more about this in our live post at 10:30 am pst. . #oldageisnotadisease #agingpets #biologyofaging #whiteface #happydog #activedogs #livelongandprosper #goldenretriever #livepost #happyathome #mobilevettech
Tune in  10:30 am Pacific today! WagWorthy's going live with biologist & vet tech Allie Stevens of @happyathome_sandpoint to discuss how to support your dog's health as they age and how to help our besties live long, active & healthy lives! We'll be talking about: -the biology of aging -what's really your dog's age in people years? -what is middle age for a dog? -nutritional supplements and how they work in the body -what is an antioxidant? And plenty of opportunities to ask questions!  Can't join us at 10:30 am? The recording will be up online for 24 hours. (Stay tuned.....we'll be doing a pretty sweet giveaway at the end of the month for a lucky supporter)
We’re moving the kitchen out of the kitchen to make room for a little facelift! I have never been so excited to pack a box 🤣 I can’t wait to see how everything comes together. I’ve been working with Katie at @jordahlcustomhomes and we’ve basically created the world’s cutest kitchen 😉 Swipe to see the new cabinet hardware! You guys, I found those at @homedepot 🤯 ALSO, we got some really great news tonight! My FIL’s cancer has NOT spread 🙏🏻🧡 Thank you all for praying!
I am so grateful for the chance to be on the @spirituallymindedmom podcast where I got to share some thoughts on Motherhood and how I have felt God’s hand helping me as I navigate the challenges that come (and boy do they come- you feel me mamas?! 🙋🏼‍♀️). . In the podcast, I share a story of my son asking about JUST how unconditional my love is (you lettering lovers will love it) 😂 & also how I learned a trick to keep myself from going crazy when I hear my kids going bananas. 😉🍌 . Head over to the link in @spirituallymindedmom feed to listen! Darla is such a kind and amazing soul and I just love her. . If you listen, I’d love if you came back to this post and let me know your thoughts and how you feel God helping YOU in motherhood. 😘 sending love to all of you! 💛-Lisa #
Grove Collaborative has become a favorite in our home, especially the Mrs. Myer’s Peppermint Scent. It’s so refreshing and clean.