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THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY! No joke these past two weeks have tested me in every way possible! Phew! Made it! I leave work today and don’t come back until August. I can’t even tell you how excited I am! Yesterday sucked and I’ve always had issues with eating my feelings. ALWAYS. Add in my dads birthday and we went to dinner - could have been a disaster. NOPE! NOT TODAY SATAN!😂🙌🏼 I ate perfectly and being with my family was exactly what I needed. #moodlifter Even got up this morning and got to the #gym before #sunrise #letsgo 💪🏼 oh and bonus- scale is whatever no change ... but I didn’t hate the way I looked today. #bonus #tgif #keto #ketofam #ketodiet #haveagoodday #itsfriday #vacationmode 🏝🏖☀️🙌🏼