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ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 11 - Harvey’s POV | I walk away from Hayden knowing that I may have just taken Annie’s form of happiness away. Annie looks down the hall I was walking from and I knew she was looking for Hayden. I give her a hug. Holding her in my arms was nice but it was in a friendly way. “Thanks for the hug.” She smiles. It was a perfect smile and one that I loved seeing. “No problem. It helps other people know I’m a good person.” I die inside just slightly. I don’t know why. I’m not okay. I don’t know why I don’t think before I say, but when Annie turns towards her locker I can already feel her dramatic eye rolls. The hug wasn’t an act, but she still thinks so. She tells me that she’s going to class and I go to mine. “Hey Harvey.” Jayden says as I sit next to her. “Hi.” I say. “I need to talk to you.” I nod as I get called out by the teacher. “Sorry.” I say as the teacher gives me a stare. The class period went by quickly and I stood outside the door and waited for Jayden. “Let’s talk privately.” She grabs my hand and walks to an empty classroom. All the desks are messed up from kids rushing out of the classroom. “Please don’t freak out.” I shrug my shoulders knowing that it would never be as bad about what I do. “I like you.” The words come out of her math she emphasizes on Like and paused before saying you. “Jayden, I’m confused right now.” She looks at me disappointed. “My feelings aren’t in a good place right now and I’ll definitely come back to this.” I smile at her. She blushes and I feel better about myself. tags: #💜 #hannie #jenzie #haydensummerall #annieleblanc #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfiction #fanfiction
this is honestly so cutee💜