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It has been a HOT MINUTE since both myself (Kim) and Georgia have been on the page! But we are back! Here is a little update from us both: I (Kim) have been a busy bee with leaving my job of 2 years in June and moving to Germany to join my husband, where he is currently stationed! I have been a stay at home wife for the last 3 months (but a job is on the horizons - thank god!) And through all the hecticness, my husband and I had time to come back to Georgia, renew our vows and go on a honeymoon! Georgia has been just as busy with graduating college, starting her new job, moving into a new home AND being apart of not one but THREE weddings since May! We have been so crazy busy that our health and fitness have just not been a main focus but now that everything is slowing down, we are both ready to get down to business and back at it! So keep following along as we begin to update the page atleast weekly!
TODAY’S WORKOUT ... 💪 AB LEANS 3 ROUNDS X 10 REPS 💪 TRX PUSH UPS 3 ROUNDS X 10 REPS 💪 BODY WEIGHT ROWS 3 ROUND X 10 REPS 💪 SEATED ROW 3 ROUNDS X 10 REPS 💪 SEATED DB PRESS 3 ROUNDS X 10 REPS 💪 OBLIQUE BAND PULLS 3 ROUNDS X 10 REPS (BOTH SIDES) … Want more free workouts for women? 💁‍♀️ ➡️Follow @ladyboss_transformations .
Why do I post on Social media 📱? Because I am here to share my story and connect with liked minded people 👯‍♀️ My life is not all unicorns 🦄 and rainbows 🌈. I am not perfect, and I don’t claim to be. But I am REAL and I do come across mountains ⛰ that I have to figure out have to climb and navigate. Mental health is such a quieted topic in today’s society. It is one of those things that people don’t talk about, because it is looked down upon by most, or thought of as a horrible thing. I AM affected by anxiety and depression and it is not a secret 🙅🏼‍♀️I am not sharing this because I need anyone to feel bad for me, I share this because it is true for MANY people my age, and awareness is important! It is important to address it, not cover up and hide when life gets tough. My lifestyle has helped me a TREMENDOUS amount in overcoming my anxiety. Working out, eating right, and reading personal development have helped me to address personal stressors in my life 💪🏻 It is a way of life I swear by, because it allows me to develop a better understanding of how strong I truly am. It has shed positive light on my life and I am forever grateful ☀️ My network of fellow healthy lifestyle lovers have held me accountable, and given me a sense of community that I could not do without! If you are overwhelmed, sad, stressed, depressed, anxious...... YOU are not alone. You don’t have to be, and I am here to tell you: ❤️I HEAR YOU GIRL ❤️ YOU are NOT CRAZY ❤️ YOU are loved by so many in your life ❤️YOU have the power to make a change for yourself that will affect your life in a positive way ❤️ JOIN ME and help me raise awareness for mental health 👍🏻 Becoming the best version of yourself is a GREAT START! I got you girl 🎉 #mentalhealthawareness #fitchick #healthylifestyle #anxiety #healthandfitness
Only the best, natural, non-GMO ingredients are used in all our products. No added sugars, artificial flavours or chemicals. Only the best should go into your body! 🥦🥒🌶️🥥🍒🍎 #healthlifesupplements #healthsupplements
Do you ever make your own sauces from scratch? Something I found that helped me IMMENSELY when I started my health and fitness journey was swapping out store bought sauces and condiments for homemade ones. So much of what is on the shelves in the super market is full of sugars, sodium, nasty oils, and an array of colors, numbers and preservatives that our bodies really dont need! Pro tip; if there's an ingredient in the list you cant pronounce or that contains a number, DONT EAT IT! I made my own salsa from scratch the other day, it was so easy and DELICIOUS; I literally just used • 2 diced fresh tomatoes • tin of crushed tomatoes • lemon and lime juice • capsicum • onion • garlic • paprika •cian pepper and cajun spice • organic apple cider vinegar
"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never have enough." Oprah Winfrey Starting my day practicing gratitude has been really eye-opening, I encourage everyone to do the same ☀️ Happy Monday xx
Got in another early #workout this morning! Decided to get it done early since I had my tattoo session in the afternoon and evening. Level 10 on the #stairmaster for 20 minutes and ran 2.6 miles on the #treadmill for 30 mins followed by 10 mins in the #sauna. I didn’t start off doing a level 10 on stairs or 6 mph on the treadmill. Everyday gets better with #consistency and #determination! #dietandexercise #myfitnesspal #healthandfitness #goldsgym #gains #goals #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #weightlossinspiration #selfcaresunday
Sunday’s are for #selfcare . For me, that comes in all different shapes and sizes. Today, when visiting my hometown, that meant a brunch with my #bestie and a GF smoked salmon and goat cheese frittata. It also meant a lot of laughter and maybe a mimosa or two! It’s all about balance for me - healthy fats from the eggs and smoked salmon, yummy energy from the greens, and I got my cheese fix while still maintaining my #antiinflammatory diet with the goat cheese! What’s your #selfcaresunday look like?