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HAI HAI HAI . OPEN BATCH START DELIVERY 18 December 2017 . Hanya untuk 20 Pax, Segera daftarkan dirimu 😘 . . Hanya Paket Diet 5 / 7 Days . . Dengan sangat senang kami hati melayani kamu,, untuk info dan order silahkan WA 085697885003 (No DM) 😊😊😊 . . Free Infus Water Everyday . Free Delivery DKI Jakarta . Follow juga yaa line (use @) . . #diet #dietmayo #dietgm #dietmayojakarta #dietmayodepok #dietmayotangerang #dietmayobekasi #healthycatering #healthyfood #eatclean #mayopromo #mayomurah #cateringmurah #cateringmayo #cateringjakarta #catering #kateringjakarta #makansehat #infuswater
Bambi on ice🦌❄️☃️ luckily i still have some of my old gear intact, when i trained for my halfmarathon half a decade ago, and boy did them #salomonspeedcross3 come in handy on this morningrun😊 So after the workout i had a cup of coffee☕ and i felt it kickstarted the metabolic process, i'm going to try that for the next couple of days 😊 well Winter has arrived so be carefull out there folks... for ice, snow and #whitewalkers 😂 #fitfam #fitfamdk #fitness #fitnesslife #fitnesslifestyle #food #foodie #health #healthy #healthyeating #healthyfood #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthierme #gym #gymlife #liftingweights #hike #hiking #run #running #cardio
Доброе утро!✋🏻 Продолжаю вдохновлять вас на вкусные и полезные завтраки😎 Хлеб можно немного обжарить в тостере, чтобы появилась хрустящая корочка, намазать его слоем пасты, посыпать фруктами... И наслаждаться) Радуйте себя почаще вкусной и красивой едой😉 #вкусно #полезно #красиво #tobewell #доброеутро #полезныйзавтрак #красотаспасетмир #зож #спб #breakfast #tasty #healthyfood
🌷Wednesday 13 December 2017🌷 I had Kelabit (Orang Ulu) with Bario rice for lunch!😍😍😍 so sedap. I think it's called Thien Sin Cafe or something (right next to Summit Cafe). you can choose Bario rice, red rice or normal coconut rice. lots of rotating dishes to try. come often to try everything!😬😂 total of RM20 for my rice (banana leaf plate: sour 3layer pork👍👍👍, cucumber leaf* with pork skin👍👍👍, beef rendang merah👍👍, half salted egg, lots and lots of Bidin👍👍) and my mom's red plate including 3pcs Urum (the fried Kuih) and 2pcs Kelupis (wrapped pulut coconut kuih)👍👍👍. *the auntie seller said it's "daun timun" but my sis said it's bitter gourd leaves so I'm not 100% sure.. but it's super yummy. I like how everything is light tasting and not salty and heavily seasoned. so healthy tasting 家鄉味 💜 Kuih Kelupis RM1 for two. you can get the Kelupis set with chicken curry as well. I forgot how much that is. one teh C special (damn tall and delicious with real gula apong, not too sweet and still flavoursome after all the ice melted.5*) and one hot teh C RM5. my sister's plate (purple) with fish, cucumber/bitter gourd leaves and terung pipit was RM7. so sedap. everything is super yummy. worth revisiting if you wanna try Sarawakian food cooked by Kelabit aunties. 😍👍👍👍 #yummy #foodheaven #sedapxpe #carboloading #foodporn #foodspotter #Kelabit #nativefood #orangulu #realfood #healthyfood #Sarawakhighlands #Sarawak #Sarawakfood #mixrice #nasicampur
Favorites of November ❤️! Mijn favoriete momentjes van november voor jou op een rijtje gezet! Er kwamen weer veel lekkere ontbijtjes en maaltijden voorbij 👌🏻 Maar ik begon in november ook bij mijn nieuwe baan, ging lekker een weekendje weg en we speelden weer een aantal wedstrijden 😊 Bye bye november! 😘🙋🏼
Glutenfree malcha brownies🌱 . . . 노버터 노에그 노밀크 노백설탕 노첨가물 몸에 좋은 유기농국내산 말차가루를 아낌 없이 넣어 찐~하고 건강한 브라우니입니다🌱 . . 하겐다즈아이스크림 아이스크림을 서브해서 같이드시면 더 맛있습니다🌱💚
Bowl du jour ! Muesli, banane, graine de courge et amandes ! Une tueurie ! 😀❤ Et vous, vous prenez quoi pour votre petit déjeuner ? 😊 #miam #healthyfood #matin #energie
Доброго дня мои дорогие😘😘😘 Я спешу с вами поделиттся своим завтраком😍😍😍 Вкусные кексики😍 ✔рисовая мука-70 гр ✔яйцо ✔кефир-150 мл ✔творог-360 гр ✔разрыхлитель-10 гр ✔сом-15 гр ✔ежевика-70 гр ✔сахзам по вкусу Сначала все сухие ингредиенты высыпаем в миску,добавляем творог,яйцо и кефир,тщательно перемешиваем,можно проблендарить,но я люблю когда крупинки творога на зубах😍 Даем готовой смеси немного постоять,а затем выкладываем в формочки,сначала немного,затем ягодку и покрываем сверху смесью☝ Калорийность одного кексика вышла 61 ккал,очень вкусно на перекус и завтрак,даже холодными😍 Автор рецепта: @reginchik_diakonu
Day 2: Recreate classic Christmas dishes with a touch of superfoods. - This isn't where we burst the bubble of your Christmas lunch desires and tell you to munch on carrot sticks (unless that's your thing winky face emoji). Actually, it's quite the opposite! If you can't enjoy your favorite (and maybe sometimes naughty) dishes during the festive season then when can you? But it doesn't hurt to pair those foods with a couple of healthy sides. - Pick a few sides that are typically on your menu and supercharge them (as Abby did yesterday with her turmeric roasties)! Add extra greens, healthy fats, load with veggies and of course a sprinkling of any of our superfood powders. - We've taken the guesswork out of healthy eating for you. For recipe inspiration, you can visit our Sari Life Club blog here: - Peace, love and healthy dishes from all the team at Sari Foods.