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Meal prep Sunday! For those of you watching me on the cleanse you may notice that I’ve made some adjustments. I couldn’t let all this Greek yogurt go to waste and I’ve re-introduced *some* coffee because let’s face it, I’m a psycho without it! This week I made pinto beans from scratch, brown rice, and put some kimchi on the side along with spinach and Greek yogurt (as a sour cream replacement) and some avocado. If you don’t know about kimchi, get after it! It is great for gut health and delicious!!! Did you also know that beans and rice combined = a complete protein? #kimchi #slowcookedbeans #avocado #greekyogurt #brownrice #spinach #completeprotein #eatclean #healthylunch #cleaneating #healthyfood #denverfoodie #coloradofoodie #mealprepsunday #scratchmade #skipthedrivethru #glutenfree #vegetarian #eattolive
Blue mountain smoothie! 😜 Hey everyone 😊 I'm so excited about this blue color lol!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. The sun poked out a bit today yay! ☀️ I'm feeling the happy vitamin D effect already muaha. Happy Wednesday! SMOOTHIE MIX⤵️ Bananas Blue spirulina Blueberries LIGHT BLUE WHIP-CREAM⤵️ coconut cream Shredded coconut Cashews Blue spirulina TOPPINGS⤵️ Blueberries Bananas Coconut cream Dairy free✔️ Gluten free✔️ Vegan✔️ Soy free✔ Raw✔️
Aqui os traigo una idea de cena o de almuerzo estupenda! Me preparé anoche una pizza y esta es de masa de avena, por encima le eché: tomate triturado 🥫 🍅, cebolla, queso de cabra 🧀🐐, zanahoria 🥕, calabacín y huevo 🍳 - Estaba estupenda, y cada vez que me hago pizza innovo con los toppings 🙈 - Buenas noches ☺️ #dinner #lunch #salad #healthy #healthyfood #recipes #healthyrecipes #pizza #pizzavegetal #pizzaavena #avena #masaavena #pizzalight #pizzasaludable #healthypizza #huevo #egg #tv_foodblogger #healthyblogger #healthydinner #healthylunch #postentreno #postworkout #fitness
The Munchbox is deep enough to fit a mini apple 🍏 repost @easy_lunches Friyay! Have a good weekend instafam 🌈 . .
Snacks for the pool in the Green Jungle Mini4 repost @yummylunchboxes Another glorious morning at the pool!!! Our local pool is the best because it’s not crowded! The kids are LOVING Sao’s at the moment so today we have 4 vegemite, cheese and butter Sao’s “sandwiches”, I could have fitted 2 more Sao’s “sandwiches” in our Maxi4, plain crackers, fruit bites, the cookies we made yesterday and a 🍐.
Such a cutie with his Blue Ocean Munchbox repost @sweetiesdesigns Daddy and Son Date ft. Bunnings and their new Munchboxes with dried fruit, crackers and trail mix. They are loving them!
Looks at these Munchboxes repost @yummylunchboxes Lunch at the beach... I love the size of the @mymunchbox. Today I managed to fit in each lunchbox: a whole cut up apple 🍏🍎, a small packet of rice crackers, and a sandwich made out of regular size burger bun 🥪. It’s too hot (36 degrees) to eat anything else!
We would like to welcome @mamasnaturalmagic to our Munchbox family. Please head to their website for your Munchboxes! repost @mamasnaturalmagic Off to the beach with our new Munchboxes! Loving school holidays. What are you up to today?
Look at all the food you can fit in this Munchbox... repost @hydees_lunchbox Bit bland today but the kid is fussy as heck lately 😩 spinach and cheese toasted sandwhich, banana bread, popcorn kez bar, gingerbread men,apple and yogurt.
Love the fruit salad Bec repost @because.everything.counts Mummy Lunch in the Precious Jewel Munchbox. This is the Mini4 tray which was perfect for a big fruit salad 🍓🍉🍎 I also popped in a Carman's Bliss Ball from the Lunchbox Pals subscription box 😍
Fruit salad with yoghurt 😍😍😍 repost @mandy_munchbox_mad_mum MUNCHI Just look at how perfect the munchi is for morning tea!!!! Fruit salad with yummy vanilla yogurt and fresh passion fruit ❤️
Welcome to our new stockist @chalkstore located in Victoria Yarraville. Head over to them to get your Munchbox Mini4 😀 repost @chalkstore The mighty mighty Munchbox! No leaks, no landfill. In 5 gorgeous colours both in store and online. 🥪🌯🍇🍏
Pink Munchi repost @desertdolls Yaassss! Loving our munchi boxes. So practical 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Thanks for sharing repost Snacks packed & ready for their martial arts tournament
Picnic at home. Hope H is feeling better Rochelle. repost @lunchboxlady.rochelle F R I Y A Y ! • • It’s another day at home for us, we are finally on the mend but still not 100% so it’s a day of movies & an indoor picnic. H has just discovered the Ghostbusters movies & is officially obsessed! What older movies do you kids love? We are also big Goonies fans here 😉 H’s Munchbox has : mini quiches, grapes, cheese, blueberries, popcorn & a couple of Easter eggs. 🍇🍇🧀🧀🍫🍫🍿🍿👻👻 • • • • • • • • • • 🍇🍇🧀🧀🍫🍫🍿🍿👻👻
Another great lunch by Janelle in the Green Jungle Maxi6 repost via @instarepost20 from @peppansalt_lunchboxes Wave your hands in the air and dance like you just don’t care! It’s Friday everyone!! * Coconut Jam Drop, purple carrot rice cakes * Blueberry yoghurt * Grapes, raspberries & kiwiberry * Apple wedges * Jam croissant * Cheese stringers & stras fingers
Look at the variety in this lunch by Amy repost @amy_kate_86 This really is a favorite part of my day knowing that we're able to provide Chels with nutritious snacks while she spends her day at school. 😊 She hasn't always been a good eater though and it sure takes some work. Some days she gets cranky with me because she doesn't get the same snacks as the other kids. It does upset me when she gets cranky but I just remind her why I provide her with good options and that we also enjoy our 'sometimes foods' as a family. 😍
Isabelle'homemade nuggets look fantastic in the Orange Tropicana Maxi6 Munchbox repost @yummylunchboxes Today is Harmony day so I tried to make an orangy lunch... the kids have homemade nuggets today! They love making them with me!