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✨work hard + be nice✨💪🏼
You are the only person who can CREATE your own happiness and the life you want!! It’s never too late to start your health journey but I have also learned that there is never a better time than now! In the past I would try to wait for the perfect moment or after a specific life event to start something new! But there is never going to be a perfect time because life is crazy. So if you’re looking to improve your overall health, lose weight, gain strength, or increase your energy...message me! Be a part of an amazing group to help you with your fitness journey. . . . Or if you are already into fitness and living a healthy lifestyle and you want to help others message me! The time is now!!
Looks like a milkshake, tastes like a milkshake - but it's one of my healthiest meals every day 🤤 WIN. Plant based superfoods and protein 😋 Also added in a cup of frozen cauliflower for an extra easy serving of veggies - one of my favorite tricks!
I’m just a Mom sitting in her mini van during after school pick up who is CHOOSING to power through the rest of her day. I’m just a Mom who got tired of being tired. I’m just a Mom who wanted to have enough energy to get on the floor and play with her kids. I’m just a Mom who got sick of being a slave to her coffee all day. I’m just a Mom who wanted to love her reflection in the mirror without justifying why her body looked the way it did with “because I had kids.” I’m just a Mom who wanted to stay home with her kids and also make some extra money. I’m just a Mom who wanted to wake up feeling rested so I could start my day. I’m just a Mom who got tired of drowning in motherhood. I’m just a Mom who wanted to feel good and be happy. I’m just a Mom who wanted to stress less and enjoy more. I’m just a Mom who decided to make a change and is never looking back💕 #justamom #mom #momlife #enjoylife #happymama #healthymama #mommy #motherhood #mommyhood #stressless #enjoymore #lovelife #wednesday #youngmom #momof3 #coffee #energy #sleep #extracash #sidehustle #minivanmom #minivan #change #choose #youdecide #mombod #lovemybody #loveyourself #lovetheskinyourein #selflove
Left over steak, nuts, sweet peppers, and some apples. . What my nutritionist likes to call a #sexysalad.
YUMMMMMM 🍓😋 • Strawbasil toast 🍓🍞 Both strawbs & basil are extra sweet in the summer so here’s the “recipe” if you want to try it out: • @littlenorthernbakehouse millet toasted • @kitehillfoods ricotta + a little balsamic mixed • sliced strawberries • fresh basil • hemp seeds (optional) • salt & pepper if you need! • #Repost @veggiekins
Happy Back to School week! ✏️ 📚 . . In addition to your kiddos learning tons of new things and making lots of new friends, they’ll also be picking up tons of new germs unfortunately 😩 combine that with flu season around the corner and you have many runny noses in our collective guess what?? 😍 . . here’s your answer! give everyone in the house a big ole immunity boost to help make sure those awesome little germs don’t knock anyone out of commission! 🙌🏼 . . who is planning to pick one up? 👇🏼 i’ve already been using ours, this preggo needs to stay healthy as a horse, and i’m excited to finally share with you all! just be slather this baby on the bottoms of your feet before bed with your favorite socks put on afterward to help maximize absorption and you’re little schooler will be ready to tackle all that comes their way! 😍 . . #immunity #boost #backtoschool #schoolyear2018 #orlandomoms #floridamoms #healthymama #etsyfindsoftheday #etsy #scrunchymom #oilylifemadeeasy #naturalhealth #healthylifestyle #crunchcrunch #etsyshop #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #momboss #motherhustler #crunchymama
I have always hated taking meds but especially when I’m pregnant, I really try to avoid it when I can. I’ll be 24 weeks tomorrow & I’ve been having lots of back pain & some very unpleasant headaches so Panaway & Deep Relief have been my besties lately. I’m so thankful for natural remedies for my pain! I dot panaway on my temples when my head starts to throb, careful to avoid my eyes, & I timed it the other day - my headache was gone in 2 minutes! 🎉 I roll deep relief onto my lower back & have my hubby do my upper back, which is a great time to ask for a back rub! 😄 Just wanted to share what’s been working for me! ❤️🤰🏻🙂
This my meal prep for the week. Actually, it’s not all of mine and my husband’s isn’t in here either lol. I did our breakfasts, lunches and snacks for 5 days in 2 hours. How you ask? KISS.....Keep It Simple....umm Sister. (Cough, cough). First of all, eat things you like because if you don’t you won’t stick to it. Plan to eat every three hours. Make sure you are only hungry right about the time you’re about to eat, otherwise, you won’t stick to it. Here is what I did. (Plan A=1200-1499 calories) -Breakfast - 2 hard boiled eggs, watermelon, feta, mint. -Lunch - 6 inch whole wheat tortilla, 2/3 cup chicken breast seasoned with taco seasonings, 1/4 cup Colby jack cheese. Dollop of Greek yogurt and small scoop of salsa. 10 baby carrots on the side. -Snack - Chocolate smoothie (kills my sweet tooth) -Dinner - a protein, carb, 2 veggies and dressing/seeds This keeps me full all day. I eat at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm and my last meal is around 5-5:30. Do you need help? I can help you put together a meal that you like and will help you stick to your calories count. . . . . . #fitmom #fitmama #fitmoms #fitmamas #healthymom #healthymoms #healthymama #healthymamas #nopainnogain #loveyourself #fitnessgoal #fitnessgoals #cleaneating #healthyhabits #geterdone #pushyourself #bebetter #fitmumma #fitmum #fitmummy #fitmums #fitmummas #mindsetfirst #getyourmindright #loveyourself #thinkpositive #momboss #bossbabe #bepreparedorpreparetofail #mealprepdaily
Five years, one hashimotos diagnosis, two bouts with postpartum struggles, hundreds of hours of personal development, home workouts, a focus on healing my body with nutrition, and completely shifting the people I surrounded myself with. Lost the weight. Found myself. Reversed the symptoms of my diagnosis. Changed it all. 😭✨😍 . Happy 5 year wellness journey anniversary to me!!! Best decision ever. 🙌🏻✨🍾 . (Bangs? Not so much. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️) . #betterbecka #beforeandafterweightloss #igfitmoms #healthymama #momoftwokids #postpartumbody
I've been working hard to eat really clean since the end of June and I'm feeling great! I've lost 15 pounds and have so much more sustained energy throughout the day. I'm down two pant sizes!😳 It's been so eye opening going through this journey and realizing how much junk is in so much of the food we used to consume everyday. It's been challenging to find healthy and clean versions of some food staples but not impossible. I never thought I'd be able say that I don't want bread or cheese; I have no sugar cravings and I'm not going for that fourth meal every night after the kids go to bed. This is just the beginning, there's no way I'm going back. #whole30 #newme #healthymama
That’s the selfie you take when you never bring a towel to the treadmill. 💦 sweat in my eyes 👀 It’s rest day from my 4️⃣ days I love ❤️ a week program. I love having rest days but that Temecula Half isn’t going to run itself 😜 I seriously love this lift & HIIT program I’m most likely going to pick it back up after I finish the half marathon. And just in time for the holidays because who doesn’t want REST & CHEAT 🍪🍻🍕🍔 days in their workout program? Let’s be real, who ever said they eat better over the holidays? NO ONE. EVER! That’s why I’m going to do something realistic with my nutrition, like... LIIFT4 💪🏽 Don’t knock it till you try it!
Happy Wednesday! Mirah Shave Oil is so much more than a shaving tool! In fact, I rarely use it for shaving and instead massage my legs with it after shaving to leave them with a satin feel and glowy look! Did I mention the scent? A beautiful mixture of Hawaiian Sandalwood, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and other luxurious oils, I also wear Mirah as a perfume! It's the perfect fresh but luscious scent, leaves my skin feeling moisturized {not oily!} and I feel like I've just had a spa treatment after I apply it! I am very low maintenance in the beauty product department, but this is one I will make sure to never run out of! Add Mirah Shave Oil to your ER or quick order today - no regrets 😙
Today was a bonus day, because my babe was with me for lunch and we felt like foraging from the fridge... and she is my twin in food faves. So here’s what we feasted on: sautéed shallots and kale with these mushrooms labeled “seafood” mushrooms. And I swear they do smell like seafood when you cook them. And the texture is reminiscent of lobster. Admittedly, it’s been decades since I last actually ate lobster. We had some roasted broccoli from the fridge to add in, and even some brown rice too. Pretty perfect!! 💚💚😍😍💕 #fitwithflare