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Someone commented to me once that I only post poses and that Yoga is more than a physical practice. I know. I have a meditation practice and I chant and drum and smudge, I love it all! Asanas are my way in. They are not just poses. They carry a world of perceptions, memories, Injuries and healing power. When you fill up each asana with deep breathing, you access the resources in your body in a powerful and transformative way. Asanas strengthen my body and calm my mind. Don’t let people define what Yoga or Spiritual mean. Feel it yourself. Your yoga journey will change and evolve and each step has its fruits. Love your path wherever you are. I love showing you what you can do at home. With a yoga mat and a couple of props. I believe that real transformation and healing happen in many small actions that you take everyday. 🏔☀️💙 Take care of your heart. . . . . #bowovertherollwithstrap #heartopener #backbendpractice #forrestyoga #breath #morningpractice #yoga #asana #italianyogini #heartstrength #forrestyogateacher #snowmassyoga
Maybe we are each perfect the way trees are perfect. 🌳 Together. Individually we are flawed. Broken. Scarred. Leaning. But if we step back and see how we are together with others. Whole. Interconnected. The beauty may astound us. Like trees, we hold a story of growth and death. With each heartbreak in our lives there is also something beautiful. And with each blessing is the deep knowing of letting go. Nature calls us to be still and hear the sound of comfort, the sound of creation, the sound of letting go. The movement of becoming and unbecoming. The rise and the fall. The seeds and decay. Everything. Included. Today may you be gentle with yourself and all that is calling for your attention within and around you. May you breathe in the beauty and hold gently any anxiety, fear or heartache. May you find a stillness long enough so that you can experience that whatever you are feeling, this too, can be held in loving awareness. 🙏 "Trees require wind in order to develop strong heartwood. Much in the same way we require an openness to the waves, feeling the vulnerability, the realness of life in order to really strengthen and open our hearts." Tara Brach "This Too" (c) Bronwen Mayer Henry 60" x 40" (Original Painting, Acrylic on Canvas) AVAILABLE #tarabrach #heartstrength #thistoo #aspens #treepainting #choosejoyoverperfection #passioncolorjoy
For the disease prevention For better sleep To lower your chances of (some) cancer To improve your mood To build your confidence To reduce stress To prevent colds To strengthen your heart To improve your balance To boost your productivity Do you need another reason?💗
New bracelet😍 The rose quartz really brings such a loving energy! Rose quartz is such a powerful healer for the heart chakra but also connects to the root chakra. This is helpful when it comes to love because it helps to keep you grounded. It reminds you to take care of yourself and love all the different unique parts that make! 😊💞 ☆♡☆ #rosequartz #braceletlove #fashion #catseye #lovejewelry #friendship #selfcare #selflove #reiki #heartchakra #rootchakra #hearthealing #heartstrength #jewelry #jewelrytime #jewelrydesign #jewelryforsale #etsyseller #etsysales #pagan #lovemagick #loveself #jewelryartist #artisan #pink #ilovepink
Strength ———— Strength comes in all shapes and sizes. Strength of the body. Strength of the mind. Strength of the heart. None is greater than the other.
Are you always in limbo?? Never committed to something 💯%? Always doubting yourself? ? We do this to ourselves... There are so many things in my life that I started and kept thinking, what if?? What if this isn't me? Or should I? Should I really be doing this? Should I be doing something else? 👆🤷 Doubt... It's something that can really keep us in limbo... 🙈 When I went all in! 💯%!! No ifs ands or buts about it! Things started to change!! I became BRAVER!! More CONFIDENT!! Happier in myself 🙌 and CHANGE for the better started to happen!!! My relationship with myself was healthier and my relationships with others was 10Xs better!!! I'm not in limbo land always second guessing myself!! I'm committed and if I fall flat on my face I get back up and try again 💪 it's way better then always being stuck and never accomplishing anything!!! Honestly if you're ready to stay coaching with me, then let's do this 🎉 💯% creating a healthy happier more confident YOU!!! It's happening and we are creating it 😘 #empoweryourselfinspireothers #confident #brave #100 #allin #notinlimbo #happier #YOU