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GARSH!! When I grow up, I’m not going to be so chaotic...and I will be so much better at answering questions here on IG!! I admit, I am TERRIBLE at that 🙈 From the last post, folks were wondering what color we painted the repurposed wood floors at #hiddenhillside ✨ We used Sherwin Williams porch + floor paint and had it custom matched to the rest of the millwork in the of our go-to whites ‘White Dove’ by Benjamin Moore. Pictures just don’t do those floors justice!! Repurpose whenever you can 🙌🏼 Also! The shiplap used throughout + here on the island was the roof sheathing from the original home! Have a beautiful night! XO!
Hey, HEY!! Let’s start the day with a fun story! Next week, we are starting an entire home renovation...the main floor has these AMAZING wide plank floors. I’ll tell ya what...they won’t go anywhere near a dumpster on my watch!!! No WAY. They are getting taken up & put back in new areas added to the home 🙅🏻‍♀️ Remember when we did that at #hiddenhillside (here it was staged for the home decor sale)! We took up the original living room oak hardwood / brought it down for a little sleep in our barn / reinstalled it / painted it / distressed it / voila 🙌🏼 Swipe left for a stroll down memory lane with me ❤️ Have a beautiful day! XO!
If you were to ask me what my MOST favorite aspect of designing/building would be adding special + unique details that set your home apart ✨ You aren’t cookie cutter. SO. Your {HOME} shouldn’t be either 😉 One of our ROMA awards was for special components. We will take it ❤️ My dad scored this beautiful transom window at @guildedsalvage and I just had to have it in the second mudroom at #hiddenhillside 😍 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Have a beautiful day! XO!
Last night, as we were on the airplane heading home to our babies from our anniversary trip, our phones started blowing up!! A few people from our team were celebrating #hiddenhillside taking TWO {ROMA} awards at the BATC BIG NIGHT 🎉❤️🎉❤️ In the window seat of row 25 on the plane, my heart couldn’t contain it and I burst into tears like a 5 yo school girl. Not because of the awards... But, as I sat next to my husband after one of the hardest years of our lives, God just gave us this amazing reminder...He loves us. His word is true. And. The vision He gave me 4 years ago of rebranding to the crazy name Beautiful Chaos & bringing so many talented folks IS where He has us & it IS worth allllll the blood, sweat & tears. I’ve cried more tears in this last year than I can even tell you. But, last night...tears of ABSOLUTE JOY!!!!!! He’s given us all talents, using them to serve others is where I want to be ❤️ CONGRATS BC deserve TWO ROMA awards & more!!! Oh!! We are happy to be home and start the next project!! Have a beautiful day! XO! @beautifulchaosrenovations
That crazy time...we took 1400sq feet and turned it into 4400sq ft. Getting to drive by #hiddenhillside every day on my way home keeps so many GREAT memories alive in my ❤️ We considered keeping her but, she's now back on the market and we will just get to be neighbors 😍 {Orono School District} and serene country living 🌾Swipe left for before! #myrenovatedreality •MLS #4871181•
Not ALL of your kitchen has to be IN the kitchen 😛 Butler's pantry=making chaos beautiful's.everywhere. What I like to put in the B.P ~ microwave, beverage fridge, veggie sink, an additional trash pullout, open shelving ❤️ It was also fun to incorporate this original Amish farm hutch top I had scored from Craigslist in the #hiddenhillside b.p. *Swipe left to see it before in its bright yellow, chippy glory 😳 What have you incorporated into your home from Craigslist that you just LOVE? 📷:
When you walk through your front door, do you feel at 🏡 Let's make your entryway something special ❤️ Have a beautiful day! XO!
In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning...your butt is perfect. Your smile lights up a room. Your mind is insanely cool. You are enough. AND. You are doing an amazing job at life! -author unknown. Lol, I'm a bit too tired & rushed this morning to come up with a dose of #beautifulchaos wisdom. So! I thought this little gem of motivation from Pinterest would do 😍 And, sure, we can help make your bathroom RAD...if you want 😉 Have a beautiful Thursday! XO! 📷:
Last night was so much fun!!! What an amazing group of women showed up to #hiddenhillside ❤️ It made my heart so happy to remind you guys that you are so very beautiful & wonderful 😍 And, that S U C C E S S is not a destination but, thriving in the midst of the chaos...the beautiful chaos! This sweet love has taught me so much. Chaos has taught me so much. Your home is most beautiful when your fam is living real life in it ❤️❤️Have a beautiful night! XO! Beautiful Chaos™ 📷:
Is there anything more ☀️ S U M M E R ☀️ than lemonade on the front porch? I'll have you know, I painted every one of these exposed rafter tails at #hiddenhillside ❤️ Haha! If you are a #minnesota gal coming tonight to PARTAY, just look up as you walk in & humor me a bit...lolllll!! {Event in Profile} AND! just may have brought down the house last week with her completely RAD talent in capturing a few angles that only she could 😍 Can't wait to show you more! 📷:
So...guess what? You made it through ANOTHER day ❤️ Good job my friend. The battle is REAL. I know. So lay your pretty head on that pillow tonight & rest your sweet heart. You CAN do it all over again tomorrow...PROMISE!! If you are a girlfriend in #minnesota coming to the event at #hiddenhillside this Thursday night (event link in profile)... let me tell you this. Yes, you will be encouraged. Yes, you will feel empowered. Yes, you will see that you have sistas beside you & around you. And. YES. I'm gonna tell you. That you...YOU my friend, are the most BEAUTIFUL chaos there ever was. Created for something just has to be unraveled a bit to make sense ❤️ Beautiful Chaos™ P.S. These super comfy, amazing, so-good-to-be-home pants can be found @livluvshop 🌺
Hey, HEY #minnesota!!! Are you a gal here HUSTLING in the business world? Or, the marketplace? OR! Maybe a stay-at-home mom...working 3 shifts?! Well, my friend! You are not alone in your battle ❤️ Bet you feel alone at times though... You.are.NOT! And! I'm here to encourage you. This has been on my heart for a long time now. So, it's time! Join me & some other gals for an evening of motivation, encouragement, the SECRET to success (yes strong underlying Biblical principles ;) & treats! I've got some real talk up my sleeve on growing your business, succeeding in the world with social media & building a tribe to carry you through the battle 👏🏻 I hope you will join should...YOU MUST!!! While we still own Hidden Hillside, we are gonna throw one last party 🎉 You're a guy? OOPS!! Sorry...but not sorry...pass this on to a gal in your life 😉June 15 (7-9pm) *Event link in profile - please RSVP 😘
Oh heyyyy there farmhouse're super fly for a country guy 😉 It was SO much FUN to watch folks shop the decor & furniture at #hiddenhillside 😍 They scored BIG time!!! The handful of gals that shared their goods are so GOOD & quite for real...are my FAVS!!! Literally, today my truck is filled to the brim with more of their goods that are headed to install at client homes today ❤️ Here's the roundup of my favs: @thevintagegoodsco @fhrmarket @sasha.vaale @juliedietlin @allisonmariedesign @rustic.charm Let's make your home super fly too 😃 Email me for scheduling local or national {Styling} services!
Lots of questions on this wall color ❤️ It is 'Natural Choice' by @sherwinwilliams ✨ it's only Tuesday...soldier on you guys...soldier on! Have a beautiful day! XO! #swcolorlove #kidsbathroom
This girl boss thing. Can I be honest for a hot minute? I'm not a big fan 😳Why? Because. It just sounds so lonely to me. It's a singular situation. And. Who really wants to be bossed around?? Don't be annoyed with me 🙄 I just know, that a successful woman has a TRIBE behind her!! Aside her!! And THANK front of her!! I humbly will tell you, I would be nothing without my tribe. And!!! If I start bossing anyone around - tell me to shut up & stick to encouragement 😛 Sometimes the tribe does revolve around one center stage. But! There would not be a successful production without each person playing a beautiful part as they do their THANG. This is what I hope my own daughter knows...Success as a woman is hers. True JOY in her success. Well, that is the celebration of being with her beautiful tribe & admitting her success absolutely hinges on them ❤️Okay, that's all. Have a beautiful Sunday! XO! P.S. This is the 'Ella' room at #hiddenhillside 👼🏻 Tap for sources
During the #hiddenhillside home tour, one of the grown kids who grew up in the old home came through the new house! This can be awkward...not sure of how they were feeling that we tore down most of old house. But! From the very beginning, we LOVED that the dad had built the existing humble home with his own 2 hands for his fam & they raised 5 kids there! We wanted their story to be part of the new story! So, we found some very fun ways to use materials from the old home in the new design 😍It was so FUN to show them these things! Like the shiplap (actually planks), that were once the roof sheathing. It is so dang BEAUTIFUL... Because!! Painting the boards white beautifully enhanced the worn character, including the original nail holes that were pounded by their dad ❤️ FUN stuff!! Are you wanting to see more of #hiddenhillside faster than one pic a day? Most of the home is on tour on our Facebook page {link in profile} Have a beautiful day! XO!
So! It's Monday. Are you headed into the week with a well organized plan? Being type A...I get that! At the same time, what if we all approached the new week...expecting the unexpected. Expecting GOOD things. Unimaginable things. Surprises. Blessings. Unexpected turns of events. All those things we miss out on, simply because we don't arise to that place in knowing how Good God really is. Where we jump out of the mundane of routine & expect...more. More proof. More truth. More Joy. More love. More excitement. More adventure. More fulfillment. More. More. More. More...than we could ever imagine. The unexpected. The unimaginable. I used to think the unexpected was so scary. Now! I can't WAIT to see the surprises around every corner 🙈 All because, He is AMAZING & KIND ❤️ I also like the unexpected in cabinet hardware too. It really messes with the "type 'A'ers" 😂 Thanks @nobhilldecorative ✨ Have a beautiful day! Expect the unexpected! Lol! XO!
Throughout building #hiddenhillside you might have heard me ask, "Who will get to live here, who will it be?" As it's getting time to say goodbye & turn this hidden treasure over to a new fam, I decided...never should be ME 🙋🏻 Lollll, just kidding!! As hard as it will be to let this home go, we are SO excited for the amazing lifestyle it will give it's new fam! :) My dad taught us to build every house as if it were our own...mission accomplished! Have a beautiful day! XO!
A HUGE thank you to @beautifulchaosrenovations and all of YOU who came out to tour this beautiful home last weekend! You helped raise $4,400 for Faith's Lodge so that we can help more grieving families! Thank you for your generosity and support! #hiddenhillside #payitforward #beautifulchaos #faithslodge #Repost ・・・ more of my most favorite room!! Sounds like it was a favorite for most gals who toured! 😉 You guys!!! In 3 days, we raised $4,400 for @faithslodge 👏🏻 Thank you!!!!!!!!!! And, thank you to @nobhilldecorative for rush ordering the 2 extra cup pulls we needed & allowing us to have all installed the day OF tour...can't be real without a little chaos!! :))) 🙃 more of my most favorite room!! Sounds like it was a favorite for most gals who toured! 😉 You guys!!! In 3 days, we raised $4,400 for @faithslodge 👏🏻 Thank you!!!!!!!!!! And, thank you to @nobhilldecorative for rush ordering the 2 extra cup pulls we needed & allowing us to have all installed the day OF tour...can't be real without a little chaos!! :))) 🙃