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This moose hoodie is perfect for weekends at the cabin. 👌 Shop in store and online via the link in bio #mywarehouseone
No one believes in love at first sight until that special person comes along and steals your heart. 💕 #D #hisshirt
When a very special package arrives from D.C. I am really especially blessed and privileged to have some amazing friends in my life. My bro who is a part of the McCollough family decided to give me keepsakes that I will literally value and hold dear for the rest of my life. Thanks Bro!!!!!! Only a handful of people would even understand. ❤️ #McCollough #HisShirt #HeWoreIt
The shirt I got him 😝❤️❤️❤️ I love this man right here!! He drives me insane sometimes and I feel like I love him more when he is sleep 😴🤣 jk but God has bless me with him. He helps me out so much and tries everyday to be better and loves my baby like his own!! I couldn’t have ask for a better man. He brings me up when I’m down and there is no day that goes by that he doesn’t reminds me how beautiful I am and how proud he is of me for everything we have accomplished. He tries so hard to teach Neal and I everything he knows like going fishing 🎣, soccer ⚽️, camping ⛺️, so many more things. He feels so proud when Neal learns something new a word or even anew jump or dance move he teach him or something new he does he is quick to want to show me. I love this man for who he is and for the amazing father he is to my papis. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY MY LOVE!!!!😍😍 I really couldn’t ask for a better man!!! #happyfathersday #2018 #stepdad #beststepdad #hisshirt #hemakesmehappy #hemakesmelaugh #imbless #imthankful #javierandlesli #lunch #haircut