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Marry someone who...Walks five blocks out of his way to walk you to class • Brings you your favorite favor of slushy after he gets off work • tells you you’re pretty in the morning • helps you with your homework • watches your favorite shows with you • let’s you tell him ALL about your book even though he doesn’t really care, but he’s still a good listener • encourages you to work out and be healthy • but still let’s you order pizza once in awhile • who buys you ice cream just because • takes you on random adventures just because • asks you to tag along on his adventure • who stays up late with you just to talk • makes your favorite dinner for you even though he’s sick of spaghetti. And I could honestly go on forever. ❤️ Marry your best fiend, folks, because everyday will be an adventure. #wordofadvise #marryyourbestfriend #youwontregretit #ilovemycrazyhusband #hesthebest #polaroid #honeymoonthrowback
#tbt It's @maineman16's birthday week and we're celebrating. Because we're the luckiest to call him hubby and dada. I have this pic of us on our honeymoon framed in our house and it brings me joy every time I glance at it. Here's to making more of our dreams come true this year, honey B! So we can spend more days like ☝in the future 😃🌴🌅We love you. Happy birthday week !!!! . . . . . #throwback #throwbackthursday #birthdayweek #Tahiti #honeymoonthrowback #wishiwasthere #moorea #travelers #intercontinentalhotel #islandgirl
Rasa macam dah lama tak post gambar😅..bukan apa..segan dengan rupa diri sekarang..dah lain saiz😪.. salute dengan orang yang confident dengan penampilan diri walaupun bersaiz comel👍🏼.. #honeymoonthrowback #1stpostoftheyear2018