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#crueldadhumana #HORRIBLE Encuentran el cuerpo del bebé, al parecer asesinado por su padre, en Cali. Como se lo describió el hombre al Gaula de @PoliciaCali el cuerpo del niño de un año fue encontrado con ayuda de buzos de la @Cruzrojavalle dentro de una maleta en río Cauca. 😢😱
[JAF Restaurant Rating: N/A] After waiting 3 weeks to try this restaurant (made reservation over 3 weeks ago) when I arrived 5 minutes past the "15 min" grace period, I was told my table was given away! 😮 I asked if they were serious and they said "yes"! I explained how I made the reservation over 3 weeks ago and traffic was exceptionally bad, I was told "Ya, this is Los Angeles" by the rude hostess. When I asked if we could be seated, I was given attitude and told that maybe if someone doesn't show up then about 2 hours later they might be able to seat us, but there was no guarantees! Needless to say, I didn't stick around for 2 hours to see if they "might" seat me! The #service was #horrible and I didn't even dine there. I don't plan on going there again even to try "try" their food. Food looked liked it was drenched in dressing and sauces anyway! For service they get 0/5👎 Never been so rudely treated before! #sorude