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"Excitable Edgar". Well here it is. Somehow the arrival of the seasonal John Lewis ad has become the sign that Christmas is here, in the same way that the first cuckoo portends Spring. John Lewis and sister brand Waitrose are now working in tandem in marketing terms and this is their first joint Christmas ad. As usual, Adam &Eve DDB is the agency. It's not bad. Certainly better than past misfires like "Man on the Moon" and 'Moz the Monster". (And would be better still without that X Factor version of an already so-so song!). The problem for the John Lewis Partnership now is that expectations run so high each year that it's virtually impossible to surprise the audience, in the way that the best of the company's ads ("The Long Wait", "The Journey", "Monty the Penguin") did five or more years ago. As a result, there's clearly a temptation to settle for kids' fare like this rather than a film with slightly more grown-up edges. Still, if you keep the kids happy, the parents will be happy too. We can only show 60 seconds here so come see us at for the full film. - - Let us know what you think in the comments below! - - Follow us for more great new ads every day, or come visit us at for more ad industry coverage. - - #johnlewis #johnlewischristmasad #waitrose #johnlewisandpartners #excitableedgar #adamandeveddb #aeddb #dragon #tamedragon #howtotameyourdragon #christmasads #tvads #advertising #tvcommercial #ads #greatads #adbrands #adagencies #adbrandsnet #creativity #marketing #creative #creativeagency #advertisingagency
#fallforcostume day 30: beginnings I thought this was a perfect time to do another side by side, since I've been cosplaying for over 10 years now! 😱 A lot of people ask me how to start cosplaying, tell me they're not good at sewing or just generally think they're not able to make a cosplay. You just have to remember that we all start somewhere! It's just a lot of hard work and practicing ;) My first cosplay did not include a wig, I took a skirt from my closet and I tried to make a jacket. I made a million mistakes, re-did the sleeves several times, and the fit of the whole thing was just not that great. But, I had tons of fun, and that's what cosplay is all about! My personal advice is to just start small. If a costume has many parts, just start with one piece at a time. Start with sewing a simple skirt or a shirt, or if it involves armor start with a bracer to get the hang of the techniques and material. Don't get discouraged if the first try doesn't work out, we all make mistakes. Also, do your research before starting! There's tons of information on the internet nowadays. There's sewing tutorials, crafting tutorials, and even free sewing patterns you can print at home. Google is your friend ;) It's super rewarding to make something by yourself, so don't be afraid to start. After 10 years I'm still learning and making mistakes, and that's ok! Toothless photography by @mikoburaphotography Toothless cosplay based on the design by @noflutter @redthreaded #cosplay #cosplaygirl #costume #cosplayprogress #thenvsnow #toothless #toothlesscosplay #howtotameyourdragon #dragon #dragoncostume #nightfury #corset #wings #leather
These babies make everything better. I’ve been fighting the ole yearly sinus infection for a week now and finally gave in and went to the dr. Got a wonderful shot in the toosh and slept the day away till I couldn’t stand it anymore and picked these littles up for lots of cuddles, movies and pizza! They laughed sooo hard when I showed them where I got my shot! 🤦🏼‍♀️😆 #downwiththesickness #sinusinfection #nofun #theymakeitbetter #momlife #fridaynight #withpapjohns #howtotameyourdragon #lovethem #myhappy #shotinthebutt #lol #gotalaugh