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Así como cuando te encuentras una parte de tu Patria en el super. #I❤🇨🇴
Title- Simply Glorious Target-N/A League -N/A -------------------------------------------- { As the arena fell silent in Atlanta Georgia, a smooth piano note built up the atmosphere... then GLORIOUS echoes around the arena and Bobby Roode struts to the ring with a mic in hand}...... Okay okay settle down settle down I know it's not every day you get to witness the debut of a glorious soul! So why have I come, why is Bobby roode this late in career come to play with the big dogs well that answer is simple I've been busting my gut for 20+ years all around the world just for some recognition.... and then I look at the likes of Roman reigns, jinder Mahal and even Kevin owens..... all have WWE heavyweight title reigns to there name which I have no issue with but my issue is the lack of respect to the people who built the paths they walk along each and every day....So this is why I'm here to prove age is only a minor obstacle in any given moment I can and I will take you out..... *Bobby pauses and does his signature taunt* Anddd it'll be simply GLORIOUS { short intro promo for any league }
In unsrer besten Zeit Da waren wir immer zu zweit Und das Bett, das wir teilen, war nur dein, war nur mein Das war 1, 40m breit Das war die beste Zeit Kein Zentimeter für Streit Der Horizont ist zwar weit, und andere Betten sind weich Doch was wir haben, das reicht Denn 1, 40m reicht, denn 1, 40m reicht, denn 1, 40m reicht - Prinz pi #newstyle #kalt #draußen #sonnenuntergang #i #miss #you #Y
Forlì-Predappio 21km...Ricco pacco gara!!!🐽
Thank you Lord for where you are taking us to #i remember when we were managng one shop everywhere was tght and chocked,to the extend we don't even know what we have n stock.. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE INCREASE BECAUSE IT COULD ONLY BE YOU.