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Lately I’ve been playing with #metrics and the crappy #algorithm on this and other platforms. On Microsoft’s LinkedIn, I uncovered #PogoStickMetrics. On Facebook's Instagram, I’ve discovered algorithmic #shenanigans such that I keep seeing the posts of one person’s account that defy logic and call into question the algorithm as it has been disclosed to and theorized by popular journalists at sites like @gizmodo, @recode, and @theatlantic. For example, on 16 October 2018, one person’s account provided 6 of the first 15 posts I saw on Instagram. I counted. I documented. I posted the findings. That’s #40%. Isn’t that just #crazy considering I follow more than #900 accounts, and I don’t know the person? And doesn’t that link for the number 40 reveal just so much of our times? If you’re seeing what I’m seeing on Instagram, the top three posts are of women’s breasts, none #mine. #DataMining. Instagram’s #leadership purports to deliver content based on three specific dimensions: 1. Interest, 2. Recency, and 3. Relationship. At least that is what this recent article from @hootsuite says based on the #marketing #malarkey of Facebook and Instagram. My experience suggests otherwise. My interests range from #peace, #healing, #reparations, and #decolonization in the broad sense to the specific way that people are pushing for justice in places such as #Borikén and the Ohlone Bay. Really, just look at my feed on Instagram. You can see who I am in full color. So why in the world am I seeing one person’s account who, to be honest, doesn’t focus on the local the exact way I do nor the broad political landscape? Don’t get me wrong I adore her posts and “heart” them, and we've even chatted publicly about why her posts are so common in the feed that Instagram offers me, but they aren’t what brings me to the #SocialNetwork. What brings me to Instagram is peoples in the plural: #Rebels of all stripes and persuasions; Black Folks wherever they live and roam; Native Peoples such as the Comanche and @caribhealingcollective; Migrants from places such as #Honduras and Cambodia; #Prisoners and the people who protect them inside and #welcome them #home.
Happy spooky time bey babes
Saying NO and setting healthy clear boundaries has literally changed my life. It’s hard work but practicing every day you get better and better and eventually you’ll be looking back with gratitude for the people that forced you to reach inside yourself and heal and change because you were tired of being treated like a door mat. I no longer look back and feel salty, I can honestly wish them well and move on with my life! Content AF! #happiness #boundaries #iaintsorry #byefelicia #gratitude #healing #knowthyself #selfcare #selflove
She monitored my heart rate once and I monitored mine twice. I’m shocked I survived HIIT with converse slip-ons. Next time I’ll be more prepared #imsorry #iaintsorry