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Just some words I put on some paper✨ ⬇ DOOMED How long this time? Yesterday u showed ur warning signs That fear & impending doom racing thru my head The negative thoughts constantly telling me I'm better off dead That feeling in my chest Why God? Not another test Bullet to my brain, lay me to rest Pacing the floor I feel it coming on more & more This time it just might be the one to set me over the edge for sure I fight with all I have Its no use its gonna be really bad Please God don't make it stay as long as the last I try but I just can't leave it all in the past Doomed to relive the nightmares forever There's just no peace Knowing it will come when I'm deceased Stay strong, maybe it won't be here long You know better, you always say that but your wrong I hate who I am, I'm a waste of space I bet they know its written all over my face Smile they say, a smile goes a long way Its my life, this ain't a game to play I don't want to die at my own hand This is not turning out at all like I planned They say I'm to broken, ill never be the same Your right that's the price to pay to be driven insane, consumed with all this Pain Written By: @gainwithqueenb 💫 ° ° ° ° ° ° #poetry #pentopaper #poemsofinstagram #poems #gainwithus #uglyfollowtrain #gaintrain #followtrain #gaintrick #gainallday #jaygainplane #dccfollowtrain #gainwithty #ifb #lfl #r4r #followme #jayfollowplane #gaintrainhyper #cashfollowtrain #followparty #vipgaintrain #tyricsfollowplane #figure8gaintrain #royaltygains #GainWithQueenB #deefollowboost #kingfollowgame
Like the most recent pic on @traceyjeanne I actually like back unlike most people !! I promise !!
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