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// i read somewhere that maybe sadness comes before insanity. i often sit with my lover and talk about how sylvia plath killed herself. her suicide note just said "please call dr. hoarder" did she want to be saved? virginia woolf wrote in her suicide note to her husband "If anybody could have saved me it would have been you." my lover asked me why he didn't save her well he couldn't save her because she wasn't sad anymore she was going insane god knows that being sad and seeing the person you love the most going insane is worse than hell. you can't save people you can either make them happy or even more sad. you can't fix them , they're people. they're not toys, they're not phone screens. the question is am i sad or am i insane or am i both or am i neither ? -shravya//
when my heart does not long for the bright sun, and can only be calmed by a night filled with stars, would you ask me to close my eyes during the day? or would you tell me the stars are too far anyway? D // 17 Oct 18
#Oh and I know that I’m a fuck up Dad... But at least I’m man enough to admit it And I know that I’m a little sad But at least I’m strong enough to deal with it I know I’m a fuck up dad You never paid for my prom dress And I aint even mad Because it would probably look a right mess I know that I’m a fuck up I had a baby at 16 And you hated that I demonstrated that I’m strong to go through with it I don’t know what you wanted for me Because you clearly didn’t care if I was happy A father doesn’t demean Change the locks Shut their only daughter out At least I am a fuck up dad Because the best fuck ups are human My children will never view me like that And I will teach them all I do know You couldn’t hide the truth from me for too long The world was bound to let me know soon enough Life isn’t always easy but it doesn’t always have to be so tough #quotes #quoteoftheday #poet #poetry #instapoet #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #writer #poems #writersofig #writersofinstagram #spilledink #poetryisnotdead #authorsofinstagram #lovepoem #writingcommunity #read #quoteoftheday #quotes #poetryisnotdead #instaquote #instapoet #igpoet #poetrygram #lovepoem #lovepoems #wordporn #lovequotes #poetrycommunity #words #poetryofinstagram #lovenotes
Vas buscando una salida que ayer, te tubo preso de una ilusión, condenado a encontrar el por que, de cada situación, ya sin aliento en un mundo hostil, miras el día gris, el mundo sonrie a tu alrededor, y vos no podés salir, sientes el peso y quieres luchar, con tantas mentiras a tu alrededor buscas la salida y no encuentras perdón, . . • • 📝 #poema #poem #poetry #prose #paint #poetrycommunity #writing #instapoetry #writerscommunity #poenoftheday #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #wordgasm #poetsociety #igpoet #typewriter #creativewriting #emotions #mywords #fellings #thought #creative #poetryisnotdead #poetryislife #art #spilledink
*** *** How often We become bound To the very thing That has simultaneously Healed us, broken us, Found us, lost us, Completed us, and forgotten us, I, perhaps, Have been swimming In my my mind, too much, As of late, And I should be wary Of where my thoughts Can take me, But weariness I find If I don't swim, A cloud hangs over me, Not one of darkness Nor one of pain, It is a cloud made Of the nature of all things, The universe And us, We are a hasty people, We design our formula, Make our predictions And more often than not The consequences Of those predictions Are a side note To be studied later, Too late, too often, Sometimes, I think We are a lifesize Game of risk, Rolling the dice, Claiming territory And proclaiming it As our own, The universe is young In comparison to The answers We have yet to ask The right questions for, Sometimes, I can't help but think That the universe is an infant And she created us For her entertainment, I serve her well, We serve her well, None the wiser. @d_bailey_ #