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Travel has reminded me that I don’t need much glamour, many material possessions or changes of clothes for that matter....but despite having no problem with showering only twice in 12 days doing the Annapurna circuit in Nepal, wearing undies for several days in a row more regularly than I would like to admit and wearing the same outfit for days at a time in the last 10 months of #rtwtravel, I’ve realised I do need a little glamour at times. Not to mention my partner and I are together almost 24/7 and eating out has gone from an opportunity for a date and time to connect to an almost everyday occurrence. Combine the need for a proper date and an excuse for a little bit of class and we jumped at the chance to eat at Gaston Acurio’s restaurant, Chicha, and enjoy some fine dining for less than half the price of back home. Once we realised Arequipa was the place for us to get our class on (as best you can after 10 months of travel) we took the following steps: 1. Confirm they can cater to coeliac. ✅ 2. Make booking✅ 3. Find our least faded, stained and worn out clothes from 10 months of the thorough handwashing /scrubbing to death of our clothes from India to Bolivia. ✅ 4. Indulge in tamales*, local trout, alpaca* and who can resist a creme brûlée paired with a muscat?! Okay there were 2 desserts; we had to try the local speciality helado de queso (cheese ice cream) and dinner out in Peru wouldn’t be complete without a pisco sour! ✅ *the sauces were not gf and were put on the side. If you’re headed to Arequipa, do yourself a favour and enjoy a great meal, with several #coeliacsafe options and knowledgeable staff. #gfyogajourney #arequipaperu #glutenfreefood #coeliaclife #wescrubupok #coeliacfriendly #livingitup #datenight #ilovecremebrulee
หากกินคาวไม่กินหวาน เกรงว่าจะสันดานไพร่ แครมบรูเล่น้อย อร่อยจัง❤️ บิงซูทูโทน มอลท์กับโอวัลตินโปรดสังเกต ยิ้มกว้างตาโตนั้น Cremebrulee and Bingsu for the first time after long time without any desserts. I just realized how much I missed out in my life, lol. #ripmydiet #cremebrulee #bingsu #desserts #dessertporn #delicious #yummy #ilovecremebrulee #กินคาวไม่กินหวานสันดานไพร่
Sittin’ pretty in creme brûlée city!