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How do you say thank you to the people that showed up when you couldn’t? How do you show your appreciation for women that literally drop everything and change their plans to help you even though you can’t physically be there? @photomama_83 literally changed plans, put kids in after care and showed up!! @kostowicz came after work with her kids and stayed until the job was done! And my sweet amazing friend Tsveta showed up each day bringing her daughter if necessary and I just can’t thank you all enough! Life has been kicking my ass lately and I wish I could express how much your actions meant to us!! This whole being sick selling a house thing is really taking a toll on Tim but you ladies seriously showed him that we are not alone. If you walked in the house today you would have no idea the ordeal we went through this week! Look for the helpers, they’re the ones changing the world! 💕I love you guys! 💕 #lookforthehelpers #igetbywithalittlehelpfrommyfriends #sellingahousesucks #itlooksbetterthenwhenilivedthere #ilovemyfriends #sograteful #beyondgrateful
When you just need a friend..... we have plenty! We have new and exciting stock of our little friends. These ceramic littles are enough to make anyone happy. A perfect gift to travel home with... and put a smile on anyone’s face. In stock now @sittemodern
I got a birthday present in the mail today from my dear friends @cherylp47 and Arlo!!(..and Bruno and Ollie!!) thank you so much for my new Mr Fox! And I LOVE❤️the treats! Thank you so much! I love you guys ❤️😘🐾🎂🎉 #thankyou #ilovemyfriends
Thank you to everyone that made my birthday awesome!! Thanks Skylar for letting me have my party at your house, you’re not featured in any of these photos and I don’t know why, way to sauced 😜😂 I love all my friends 💙🎁 it was definitely a lit birthday party, only person missing was Diana.. #20 #birthdaygirl👑 #latepost #ilovemyfriends #happy #nolongerateenager 💋🎉💜💎