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Damn this is getting old I tired of this I need to find myself some gold to make everyone happy because everyone is happy with money. You are lying if you say money doesn't make you happy, because it does. Suck a dick - - - - - - because that's what you want isn't it, you lied to me and you only look at people on the outside , but for some reason I still need you, I'm just so mad that i dont have you in my arms every morning. Oh please, everyday I just hope that you love me too and even if you dont can we still together because I just need any love from you "tell me that you love me even if it's fake, cause I don't fucking care" even though I may of had fallen for the wrong person I don't care all I need is YOU 💔 @bear #black #matmusto #tweets #likethis #followme #sad #iluvyou #ineedyou #idc #justlivme