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ғᴀʟʟɪɴɢ ✊🏼💗😔 Fc; 950 Ac; idk Dt jesse , my friends and you ( @jesseunderhill ) Jesse if ur reading this I want you to know that I am supporting you since 4th August 2018 and i can say that I am very lucky for having you in my life , I actually seen that you and all the hills really changed my life in a very good way , I can’t find enough of words to thank YOU, Jesse and the hills we are almost at 1k I love you all so much I wouldn’t be here anymore without you. Jesse’s likes , Jesse’s comments , jesses notices and all the sweet comment you write under my post give me motivation to keep this fanpage and once a hill , forever a hill so I promised that I’ll never give up no matter what . I am always here for u no matter what , my DMs are always open . Jesse , I miss u hella 😔💖 we need to talk more often.. :) I LOVE YOU ❤️ AND THANK YOUU 💓 Tag him ;) 💮
OMG AH ITs HER BIrTHDAY! •••DO NOT REPOST Happy 17th Baby! i am so proud of where you came from and where you are now. I have been by your side since you started your career and i absolutely love you with all my heart🔥💘😩🤧. You have changed my life in many ways with your music, and helped me through my severe anxiety and finals hehe. ik you will never see this, but i love you and i hope you have the best year ever!❤️💘💙😩🕷 @wherearetheavocados pls tag her!! ac/mine cc/ /vscoloring #billieeilish #billieeishbirthday #billieeilishedits #tag #her #please #billie #eilish #birthday #iluvyou
Dari posisi foto ini harusnya kamu sudah tau. Kalo aku akan selalu ad dbelkang kamu, menaati kamu, mematuhi perktaanmu dn slalu ad di samping kamu mnemanimu, menenangkanmu appun yg trjadi nanti.. Insya Allah 😇😇🤗🤗😘 . . . #proudtobewife❤️ #proudofyou #iluvyou ❤❤ #edisikondangankemarin 😁😁
Temple of Leah, Cebu, Philippines 📍 . . . Btw I’m super proud of @rawd0ugh improving in this hobby and the pictures he took of me during the trip were so amazing #iluvyou #instagramboyfriend