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This Monday is for the birds........…… Anyone else having a hard time getting today going🙋🏻‍♀️
Last Hawaiian sunset.
Gracie was so excited to go and see @disneyonice last night. We were excited to as it’s the first time in many years we’ve had a couple of hours to ourselves in the evening. Unfortunately for whatever reason, Gracie and sleep don’t go. Most evenings are spent trying to reason with her to go to sleep and then once she’s asleep she still does wake up most nights 🤦🏻‍♀️😭 We’ve tried absolutely everything to improve things over the years (I’m talking about sleep consultants, specialists etc). I could tell you stories that would make any parents toes curl 😂 Since Noah has been born I’m actually sleeping in her bed as she refuses to sleep in her own, which is fun! I’m wondering when Noah is ready to go into his cot if she might change her mind... 🙄 Anyone else in a similar situation? Please tell me there’s light at the end of the tunnel lol! . . . . . #ineedsleep #imissmybed #toddlersleep #toddlersleeping #imtiredashell #badsleeper #sleepconsultant #toddlerwontsleep #healthyhappychildren #sleepdeprived #confidentchildren #confidentchild
If I have to go camping, this isn’t a bad place to be. #Imissmybed