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Climber + Adventurer | @tannerforrest (so inspiring) has been living out of his car for the last year— not because necessity made him but he chooses this lifestyle, to not have rent, to live in CO when he wants, to snowboard, to slackline, to work his butt off in Austin for a few months a year, to climb when he wants. It is unbelievable. He doesn’t even own a fridge but this guy makes it happen. (And he gave me a ride to the airport in the “bed” of his car at 3:30AM last fall! ha! ) Memories indeed. Thanks Tanner for being so inspiring. Thanks for choosing what makes you feel whole-hearted to give every one of us the ability to do the same. Happy Monday! (This photographed in collaboration with @buddhasbrew!) #inkedfingersportrait #bewild #makersgonnamake #inspiration