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REMOVE PERSONAL ITEMS This includes removing very taste specific decor, and bold distracting pieces. Put fresh white linens and new throw rugs in bathrooms. Paint walls back to white or neutral colors. You really want to allow a buyer to visualize their own family in the home.
Lone pine, Australia
What happened throughout your journey that allows you to keep going?⁉️🙏🏾 ME: When My grandma passed on my Gday 1 year & 10months ago forcing me kill my owe ways allowing me to wake up & breathe again, then I went back to school after being kicked out and never pursing; Fear perhaps, but that does as well and Then 8 months l8ter I was a high school drop out with a GED!!!! I completing something that felt so good and that I’ve always wanted... then I prayed for a total life change , the form came to me as a partnership business @tlchq W/ collaborating with #TLC I started ✨P a i n 2 P o w e r ✨ it’s a story behind it😏⏳ #note2self📝 Huge things are taking place for you Myri.. just stay #Humble #ItsAlllLove #InstaMood #ImNotMuggin #Determined #Pain2Power #Healing #IWannaTalk #FitFam #Testimony #WeAllPushing