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John Bonham!. . Many consider him to be the greatest rock drummer of all time. BUT, in our attempts to capture his magic in our own playing, we often overlook key aspects of Bonzo’s sound and style. . In the first of two-parts unlocking Bonham’s secrets, the Daniel Glass Show on @drummersresource digs into his influences and set up. . Link to the full episode in the profile. . PS - Don’t forget to comment and use #DR60 for your chance to win cool prizes!
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Pianist Bryon Janis Explaining One of Chopin's Five-Finger Exercise . With that, here's an explanation from the book "Chopin Pianist and Teacher As Seen by his Pupils." "In order to give the hand a position at once advantageous and graceful (and in his estimation these two qualities always went together), he cause it to be thrown lightly on the keyboard in such a manner that the five fingers rested upon the notes E, F, G, A, B; this he considered the normal position. Then without change of position of the hand was required to play exercises calculated to ensure the independence and equality of the fingers. He almost always instructed the pupil commence these exercises playing the notes staccato (A). The staccato effected by a free movement of the wrist is wonderful means of counteracting heaviness [...] A second set of exercises consisted of legato staccato, or heavy staccato, in which the finger rests somewhat longer on the key (B). Then we come to the true slurred manner by modifying the legato staccato, making it accented legato (C). Then we use legato executed with the fingers raised considerably above the keyboard; and, finally, we have the legato performed ad lib., with a movement of the fingers more or less marked, modifying at pleasure the volume from ff to pp, and the movement from adante to prestissimo (D). -Kleczyński"
First time stringing my Les Paul with @daddario_uk #NYXL - top wrap tailpiece, .011-.049 in Db
Welcome to your new home Sunshine. ☀️ ✨ I’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument. For some reason I avoided all of the classes in school that would’ve taught me how. Tried to take the ‘easy’ road I guess. Can anyone else relate? 🤦🏼‍♀️ ✨ I’ve recently been trying to find ways to de-stress. I’m a person that tends to have a bit higher of a general anxiety baseline than others. I recognize it and I’m working on it. 👌🏻 Some of the things I try are meditation, deep breaths throughout the day, baths, stretching/exercise, and reading. I’m now adding learning the ukulele. 🙏🏻🎸 ✨ I’m looking forward to challenging my brain (and possibly my patience!), marking something off my bucket list and taking my anxiety level down a notch. Tips from the more musically inclined are very much welcomed! 💛 ✨ Thank you @carlytaylor269 for the inspiration and your voice of an angel! 😇
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Sometimes life's little dilemmas spark lingering curiosity. Today, I went to the music store to buy a new violin bow. My current bow cost $75. The next model? $200. I went back home curious about whether or not a more expensive bow might mean a smoother sound. I'm no virtuoso-- at least not yet-- so I turned to the experts. I watched this YouTube video, featuring one of the world's preeminent violinist. She poses this question: Can you tell the difference when she plays with a $500 violin bow versus when she plays with a $160,000 one? No, it's not a typo. $160,000! She never gives us her answer. She leaves it up to you to decide. This of course took me further into my thoughts. There aren't any monuments erected to famous paint brushes, right? Is it an oversight or an insight? We reserve praise for the workman not the tools, the painter not the paintbrush, the violinist not her violin. Would you, listening to the famous violinist, know that her violin bow is much more expensive than mine-- whether it's $500 or $160,000? You would say she's a marvelous violinist and you'd know that I am not-- at least not yet! I sort of identify with the anonymity of instruments. As human beings we are instruments of the God. We are tools of kindness and excellence; compassion and brotherhood. We do good, often anonymously. We aren't always praised for the masterpieces we help bring about. That praise belongs to God. In some ways, I think that makes us heroic: we aren't good because it's popular or because we are lauded. We are good according to our own value, whether anybody knows it or not. #violin #violinist #violinbow #instrument #virtuoso #music #art #dilemma