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Once you venture down this path of growth and self awareness and experience the results will fuel your effort and sense of obligation. You will be so focused on the results you will look up and realize the amazing individual you have grown into. Your whole aurra and approach to life will have been reincarnated. Try it. The previous Fanatic is so foreign to me... #fromGodtoAndretoyou #culturepushers #AndreoFanaticHeard #digitalmarketing #marketingtips #marketing101 #marketingstrategy #socialmediatip #socialmediastrategy #instagrammarketing #onlinemarketing #marketingdigital #socialmediamarketing #businesstips   #advertising #internetmarketing #socialmarketing #socialmediamanager #marketinglife #makemoneyonline #socialmedia #marketing #facebookads #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur
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Is your friend circle getting smaller from week to week since you’re building your business? --- It’s so amazing to watch my own journey & transformation. It really feels like that I’m getting better from week to week & today's quote suits my current situation perfectly. I struggled so much with realizing that my friend circle is getting smaller from literally day to day. It took me so long to understand the quote. Now, I finally did. --- Outgrowing people is something that will happen to all of us who’re building something meaningful and going through a transformation. Some people around you won’t accept your change. People you love will start to ask uncomfortable questions or probably even ignore you instead of supporting your journey. --- If this is happening to you right now, it’s crucial that you understand that it isn’t your fault. It would be selfish expecting from your old friends that they accept your new you & your dreams. Some of them loved your old you but can’t identify themselves with your new you – that’s is entirely normal. --- You won’t be able to change that & this is good. Your new you needs a new surrounding. And this new surrounding will love your future you. Stop being hard to yourself. Everything is preparing you for something bigger. --- It’s actually funny – since ages, I saw the last weekend my “old friends.” We went out for clubbing and other cool stuff. Even if we had a fantastic time, it doesn’t felt like it did back in the days. I’m a new person now. And this new me is helping people to change the world. And this is exactly what I want to every day. Sacrifices are a part of that journey & they are crucial for success. --- I really hope y’all have a great start and do your best to crush the coming week. You deserve everything you want in life!
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