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Pump up the style, attitude and determination: it’s #Tuesday and we’re continuing to follow our dreams (plus working) and if like me you sometimes start off feeling a bit defeated, tell yourself it’s only 8-10 hours ‘til you’re back in your comfort zone (delicious food + Netflix/neo-soul music for me 😌) but in the meantime you’re going to channel your inner magical beings at once💃🏾 and manifest that dream into reality ✨ - Have a good one 💕 #ChicagoNights #Style #Fashion #LoveThisLook #ItsMyFav #HappyTuesday #iLoveFashion #ThriftGaLURE #ThriftLove #HeadOverThrift #GetStyledbyDeanna
Lil Mosaic joined in the mayhem at Downshift, Samford and we had a blast. Soooo looking forward to the next one @mosaic_pizza #itsmyfav
"Our goal is not to win. It's to play together and play hard. Then, winning will take care of itself." What a very special group of women representing a very special jersey and I for one was extremely priviledged to have been part if it all 💙 a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us throughout the #interpros with a special shout out to my beloved wife & familia🤗😍😘 Always thankful to our club @railwayunionrfc for all their support & hard work to get us here and finally to @leinsterwomensrugby @leinsterrugby and @bankofireland for their amazing support this year👌🏼 #leinsterwomens #womeninsport #womensrugby #blueforleinster #bluefordublin #itsmyfav #fortheparish
We buy our strawberries from Earth Markets, dice them and garnish our Chocco Pizza. So ‘cut them up, don’t cut them out’ and support our farmers. @mosaic_pizza #itsmyfav
Someone told me that the best things in life are free. The thing is that they don’t come without effort, without dedication, without commitment, without passion. #mondaythoughts #red #canyoutell #itsmyfav