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Happy national cocoa day!!!! What a perfect day for a nice hot chocolate when it’s nice and quiet 😎❄️
Holla ngeteh yukkk... Open order marbel cake choco cheese.. H-3 ya sayang2.. rasa bagian coklatnya bittersweet krna menggunakan dark chocolate (cocok untuk yg ga terlalu suka manis krna yang buat udh terlalu manis.. ehemm) dan bagian putihnya cheesy bgt pastinya.. #Marbelcake #chococheese #itsMyFav #MyFavcakes #Mychoco #Mycheese
When you a bad ass but also just a little extra when it comes to Christmas!!!! 🙈He even had Christmas lights lit and flashing all across the front! 🙌🏻❤️ #extra #Christmas #iloveittoodude #itsmyfav
Happy Birthday to this beautiful Princess 👸 . So thankful that we get to be apart of your life and watch you grow up 🎉❤️🎉❤️🎉 . I hope today brings lots of toys , hugs and no spankings from momma 😉😂 . #stolethefirstpic #itsmyfav