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What Does Selfless Really Mean? To Be Able To Say That You Have Done Something That Is More Than What Is Expected. To Be Able To Say That Your Existence Meant More Than Most. That Your Wants Are For The Benefit Of Others And That You Put Others Lives Ahead Of Your Own. It's Not Just A Job But A Calling. A Calling Most Ignore Or Don't Hear. This Calling Is What Drives You To Do What Others Dont Understand Or Comprehend. It's Not Worth Explaining To Those That Will Never See Why It Is You Do What You Do. These Things We Do So That Others May Live!!! #pararescue #usafpj #usaf #joat #jackofalltrades #wereallmadhere
Creating beauty is kind of my thing. Whether it be for my children, my home, or the bodies of which I have the pleasure of molding on a daily basis(call me #michealangelo); I enjoy surrounding myself with creations of beauty. At times I place my value as a person based on my work quality and volume output. I do this subconsciously with the sole purpose of conveying my "love". I derive happiness by creating beautiful spaces for others to share and appreciate. Its all about presentataion and delivery. A cozy setting can make for a more stimulating and memorable experience. That in itself is a gift. I myself, am a direct reflection of my surroundings. If I'm surrounded by a jumbled environment, then I too become jumbled. Keeping my surroundings visually and spiritually pleasing allows for me to project the same attitude in my daily life. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the clutter of your surroundings is a direct representation of the clutter in your life? It may even be a negative factor in your efficiency as a whole. I challenge you! Whether it be your house, a room, or your office desk; take a moment and tidy it up a bit. You may be surprised at the impact it leaves on your day! #createbeauty #feels #ponder #thinkpositive #goodheadspace #makeanimpact #simplicity #homerenovation #homesweethome #thisoldhouse #homeimprovement #lowes #farmhouse #kentuckyhome #livingwithapurpose #livingroom #boydcounty #somethingold #somethingnew #joannagaines #lettherebelight #nostalgia #chandlier #thosebeamstho #jackofalltrades #jillofalltrades #virgo #rustic #shabbyfarmhouse A special THANK YOU to @woody_seizetheday and @siah1979 for providing all of my electrical needs and giving the gift of light to my old homestead!