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@justinbieber I’m so proud of you and I’m never gonna give up on you no matter what, you make me so so happy and I don’t think I can love any other human the way I love you, you make me stronger and even though you don’t know I exist, you’ve helped me through so much and I just wanna say thankyou for that, you make me stronger and I love you🕊
Wow 4 years ago was the day we all got tested. We seen who stayed and who left. I think it’s fair to say we are all proud of Justin and for the change he’s made for the better. I hate the photo of Justin’s topless back in 2014 because you can see how ill, underweight and how much weight he had loss. Then I put the most recent photo of Justin to show you how change is possible and how you can go from being at your lowest to being at your highest. Justin we’re all proud of you and the change you made for the better. We’re happy that your healthy and happy compared to 4 years ago to this day. We love you always, being a belieber isn’t just a’s forever. Love you Owen Wilson’s long lost twin ☺️😂 I’m giving you a *virtual hug* until I can actually hug you, so yeah ☺️❤️
hi I hope everyone has an amazing day 💓
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Four years ago, beliebers were tested. This beautiful, talented, adorable, funny (etc.) Man was arrested. In the past four years, Justin has come so far. A beautiful album, more interaction with fans, collabs, growth. He’s changed so much, he’s grown and become an independent young man. My love for this incredible human is unexplainable. I’ve never met him, but I am so proud of him. So, so, so unexplainably proud. In the coming years, he’ll grow so much more, and he’s going to grow as an artist, too. I love you Justin. All of us beliebers do. 💖 • • • • • tags 🔥• #Justin #bieber #justinbieber #bizzle #kidrauhl #purpose #believe #journals #music #fan #fanaccount #buzztin #beliebers #belieber #bieberfever #jelena #justindrewbieber #memep #jasonmccann
I am beyond proud of him. I always was and I always will be. Everyone faces hard times and so did he. He learnt from his mistakes and now he’s who he is. Better, stronger, healthier, happier. @justinbieber, I love you so much. You make us all happy beyond this world. We all want you to stay the same happy and healthy. Everything is alright. 🤗💜 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - # #justindrewbieber #justin #drew #bieber #jdb #jb #bizzle #kidrauhl #jasonmccann #jerry #walter #belieber #bieberfever #myworldtour #believetour #believemovie #purpose #purposetour #purposetourstadiums #jbieber #justinb #wdym #ollg #biebah #myworld #believe #loveyourself
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