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High, Please allow me this opportunity to splane some’n 2u. I MOTHER FUCKING LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being NAKED!!!! Phew... Tee hee. But yeah love for nudity is a problem I enjoy. My nipples skin cells soak up a sunset and my pussy taste like freedom. In life there are outlets for everything...and when there are not you create them. Nudity is NOT porn, and there is nothing wrong with either. The secret is figuring out what u like and finding others with similar interests. Here’s an example of that. Famous Nude Photographer @johnnyteephoto with @mandylandnyc #DOntletwhatidobotherU #Mandykitana #JohnnyTee #Mandyland #Sunset #Ass #Art #Army #Vet #Artist #sanfrancisco #Nyc
I've always found shopping stressful. Going into a change room with an armful of clothing and walking out with nothing was so discouraging. It seemed like clothing wasn't built for MY body. Pants wouldn't stretch over my thicker thighs or bum, or if they did, I would need a belt to keep them on. Shirts worked against my shape, clinging to the soft middle bits I had no intention of sharing with the public. It just seemed like my body wasn't right for the clothes I wanted to wear. And that made me feel crappy. I started Free Label in part because I believed there could be cuts that work for my imperfect body. Clothing, that when worn, would make me feel simply beautiful. It turns out it just takes a little more time: a few more samples, an extra fitting, a little experimenting. While not every garment works for every unique body, I'm determined to share clothing that makes the everyday woman feel like the clothing fits her (and she doesn't need to fit the clothing). #feelgoodclothing #freelabel #flatteringfits #johnnytee #smallbusiness #clothingthatmatters #ethicalfashion #fewerbetter #madeincanada #slowfashion
"Fallen Angel" When the world hits you hard, you can only say you've just fallen from heaven. The only thing to do is learn your new life and appreciate it more than the one before. Bring on reality, for I am up for the continued falls. She will rise again! Photograph By @johnnyteephoto #theworldhitsyouhard #ithurtstofallfromheaven #bringmetolife #artistic #concept #fallenangel #johnnytee #sheets #dronephotography #drone #sheathedlady #angel #conceptphotography #blondie #artmodel #freeze #imok #bayareaphotographer #bayareamodel
💃🏽 huge weirdo
Hello! 👋🏽 💎My name is Ali and I am a personal trainer and Pilates reformer instructor at @afnovato 👙I am also a bikini competitor through the best organization: @wbff_official and am going to be doing my third show in SF in 2018. I am working with @stephanieayala and @bigirish_dynasty to bring the best package and get that pro card. 🏆 💚I take CBD oil every day to help with stress and anxiety. I've been in the closet about my CBD use in the past because I was concerned what people would think. 🐾I have two cats that I call my "little dudes". They are not my "sons" or my "babies".. because well, that's weird. 🍑I hate leg day but I do it 2-3x a week because of my limitations in the upper body. 🐈I love kitty cuddles, 🍕pizza and glycolog from @blackstonelabs_official so that I don't feel guilty from those caaaaarbs 🍫I have a chocolate obsession and if I could I would have chocolate with every meal.. or for every meal 😁 👟Just like every fit chick, I live in leggings and sneakers because OMG jeans are so damn uncomfortable. 💁I enjoy modeling because it helps me feel confident. I hope that I can empower other women to do more photoshoots so they too can feel extraordinary in front of the camera. Even if nobody but yourself is going to see the pictures, it's such a rewarding and fun experience that's boosts confidence and promotes self-love 💖 ⭐Use promo code: Ali.fitdiva to save 💰 on Blackstone Labs products