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JOY! Focusing on finding the joy in the #smallthings like grumpy faces, potty talk, and clamoring voices. Joy joy #joy
Today is one of my favorite days because this is the day one of my favorite people was born. . My best friend is officially 21!!! It's so crazy and unreal to even think about. Sometimes I forget our age difference. Sometimes I forget that we are even adults. . I can't explain how fast time has flown by and how much this beautiful girl has grown so dear to my heart in all the past time and stll continues to. . I'm so lucky to have her in my life and to call her my best friend, my other half, my peanut butter. I have enjoyed every laugh with her, every confusing moment, every sad moment, exciting moment, and in general every adventure and everything we've done together in life or I've watched her do in hers and I look forward to enjoy more amazing things with her. She's come so far and I'm so proud. I love being able to watch the person. She's becoming every day and telling people "that's my best friend!" . Thank you so much for being my best friend Daisy and for every memory and adventure. . I can't wait to see all the amazing beautiful things you bring to the world and you accomplish!!! . I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be and every other birthday and any other days after everything you want. I love you so much!!!! 💚 . . . #peace #love #happiness #joy #life #live #beautifull #bestfrirnd #adventures #fun #memories #proud #amazing #awesome #21 #adults #birthday #birthday #birthdaygirl
I’m in the market for some patient and unswerving endurance. How about you? 🤷‍♀️