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Sometimes when you pray for a miracle, God give you two 💗 11 months old today. How is it that in one month these girl will be a YEAR OLD?? It doesn’t seem possible. This has been the most fun and rewarding yet exhausting and demanding 11 months. These girls sure know how to keep us on our toes 😉 They are both sitting up great, not eating any food, still waking in the middle of the night, hate naps, love going on walks, and are really enjoying playing with each other! They both love to chew on their toes and their favorite thing to do is jump. Hazel says da da and ba ba constantly and juniper has become quite a ham. They both make some pretty funny scrunched nose faces and know just how to get your attention. 💗 I’m trying to soak up every single minute of them as these moments se to pass too quickly 💗 #adamstwins #hazelrose #juniperpearl #twins #twingirls #identicaltwins #miraclebabies #tttssurvivors #ttts #pprom #ppromsurvivor #nicugrads #babiesofinstagram
A year ago today we received life saving surgery for Hazel and Juniper. ❤️ I have no words for the amount of emotions I feel today. We are SO thankful for Cincinnati fetal center @cincychildrens and the doctors who were able to save our girls lives!! We thank God for his never ending love and faithfulness ❤️ And we thank you all for your constant love and prayers ❤️ Today we celebrated by eating cake as a family and loving on our miracle babies!! 💗💗 January 6th 2017 is a day we will NEVER forget!! #adamstwins #hazelrose #juniperpearl #ttts #tttssurvivors #twintotwintransfusionsyndrome #fetalsurgery #cincinnatifetalcenter #twins #identicaltwins #monoditwins #moditwins